Five Categories of Drug Use

There are various levels of drug abuse and addiction problems. Attending a drug rehab recovery program can help end an escalating drug abuse program and successfully help a long-term addict achieve lasting sobriety. Drug use can be categorized into five main areas, with most drug users falling into the experimental and recreational categories.

  • Experimental use: when a person tries a drug once or twice out of curiosity. Novice users run the risk of a lack of tolerance to the drug, and of not knowing how they will react, as well as the risks that may be associated with the effects of the drug.
  • Recreational use: where a person chooses to use a drug for enjoyment, particularly to enhance a mood or social occasion.
  • Situational use: where a drug is used to cope with the demands of particular situations. For example, amphetamines have been used by long distance truck drivers to maintain alertness and by athletes to gain energy. People who experience bereavement are often prescribed benzodiazepines (minor tranquillizers) to cope with grief.
  • Intensive use: also known as “bingeing”, where a person consumes a heavy amount of drugs over a short period of time, or use is continuous over a number of days or weeks.
  • Dependent use: where a person becomes dependent on a drug after prolonged or heavy use over time. They feel a need to take the drug consistently in order to feel normal, or to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Dependence can be psychological, physical, or both.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehabilitation program can help addicted individuals achieve sobriety no matter how severe or long-term their addiction problem. With locations throughout the western United States, you can connect with one of our treatment centers and end your downward spiral of drug abuse and addiction.

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Change is Necessary for Lasting Sobriety

There are no quick fixes in the recovery process; Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs can help you reach your goal of lasting sobriety.

It would be great if there were a painless and quick way to end addiction; to wake up and find your cravings gone and the desire to use drugs or alcohol no longer controlling your thoughts. What addict wouldn’t want to skip the physical pain of the withdrawal process or the grueling journey of recovery? While this quick fix would be ideal to many struggling with achieving sobriety, it would not heal their psychological and physiological issues that accompany their addiction problem. Too truly recover from addiction, more than just the physical act of using has to change. There are layers upon layers of underlying and deeply rooted issues that must be uncovered and addressed in order for the addicted individual to be able to heal emotionally and psychologically from their addiction.

The draw of using drugs or alcohol is how easy the use of these substances brings on a high. The high the user gest from using drugs or alcohol seemingly melts away life’s problems leaving them feeling numb and able to escape from their problems, even if only for a little while. When given the choice, most addicts continue to use despite the negative consequences because it is the most simple and sure way of avoiding the problems in their life. In order for an addict to make a real recovery from addiction they must put distance between themselves and their addictive lifestyle as well as develop new skills to enable them to maintain their long-term sobriety.



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Why Choose Narconon Fresh Start?

When it comes to addiction recovery, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Each individual is struggling with their own inner turmoil and behaviors associated with their addiction problem. There are a number of different treatment approaches for recovery and finding the right one means exploring the variety of possibilities and finding the program that aligns with your recovery needs. The most common types of drug and alcohol rehab programs include long-term residential treatment, short-term residential treatment, outpatient treatment, individualized drug counseling and group counseling.

As a leader in the field of addiction recovery, Narconon Fresh Start is a long-term residential treatment program that has one of the highest success rates in the country. The program typically takes between three to five months to complete, but there are not time restrictions on our program participants. We know that true rehabilitation from addiction varies with each individual. We never rush our clients through their courses in order to meet a predetermined deadline for their program completion. Additionally, there is no extra cost to our clients who need the extra time in our program in order to achieve true rehabilitation from their addiction program.

We provide our program participants with 24 hour care in a non-hospital setting. Focusing on “resocialization” of the program participant, the program utilizes the entire community including Narconon Fresh Start staff as well as other program participants as active components of the treatment process. Treatment at Narconon Fresh Start is centered on developing personal accountability and responsibility in addition to social productivity in the recovering individual’s life. Our program is highly structured and uses manualized cognitive behavioral modification to minimize the variances in individualized treatment. This allows for a more uniform and standardized treatment plan for our program participants. During the individual’s time at Narconon Fresh Start they will examine damaging beliefs, self-concepts and destructive patterns of behavior while adopting new, more amicable and positive ways to interact with those around them.

While other types of rehabilitation programs are available, none are as thorough and comprehensive as Narconon Fresh Start. Our graduates leave our program truly rehabilitated from their addiction with all the life skills they need to remain clean and sober. During their time at Narconon Fresh Start they have handled every aspect of their addiction and are now ready to start living life on their terms. They do not need to attend meetings, take drug replacement medications or attend additional counseling because everything they need to achieve the life they desire is within them.

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Recreational Marijuana Use in Colorado

While Colorado has passed amendment 64 allowing for recreational marijuana use, the consequences of this amendment are seen in state emergency rooms and an increase in hospitalizations related to marijuana use.

The sale and consumption of recreational marijuana continues to rise in Colorado as more and more residents and visitors are taking advantage of the state’s passing amendment 64. In amendment 64, adults over the age of 21 in Colorado can legally possess one once or marijuana or THC. This includes marijuana buds (flowers) as well as the variety of concentrated and edible forms of the drug. This change in marijuana regulations is not just for residents of Colorado, it also includes visitors to the state.

The purchasing limit for marijuana for non-residents of Colorado is restricted to ¼ ounce for each transaction. The reason behind this law is so that visitors do not go from one retailer to another in order to amass a great quantity of marijuana to export. Many of the recreational stores that sell marijuana have chosen to only serve each customer once a day in order to confirm to the law. While this restriction applies to the sale of marijuana, the amount an individual (resident or non-resident) can posses is an ounce.

When it comes to consumption of recreational marijuana, discretion is appreciated, and usually required. The law does not permit user’s to consume marijuana “openly and publicly”. This law prohibits public cannabis clubs but some relatively new “private” cannabis clubs have opened where individuals can purchase a day membership. Some of these “private” cannabis clubs allow for indoor smoking, while others choose to only allow inside vaping and outside smoking.

While there are many supporters of Colorado’s amendment 64, this change brings several concerns for those in the drug addiction rehabilitation field. The impact of this change can be seen in the number of DUI drug arrests in the state; 25-40% of these arrests involved marijuana since amendment 64’s passing. Reports show that in 2012, 10.47% of Colorado’s young adults’ ages 12-17 were considered current marijuana users; this number is significantly higher than the national average of 7.55%. Currently, Colorado is ranked forth in the nation for underage marijuana use, 39% higher than the national average.

A 2013 report stated that 48.4% of Denver, Colorado adult arrestees tested positive for marijuana, a 16% increase from a previous report in 2008. Marijuana related emergency room visits have increased too. One report noted that from 2011 through 2013 there was a 57% increase in emergency room visits related to marijuana. Additionally, there has been an 82% increase in hospitalizations related to marijuana use since 2008.


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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Addiction

Family and friends who choose to do nothing about their loved one’s addiction problem enable them to continue their use.

Having an alcoholic or drug addict in the family is often a painful and heartbreaking situation. As the loved one, you care deeply for the addicted individual but getting them to recognize their problem and accept help is challenging. There are probably times when you would rather turn a blind eye to their substance use and pretend that nothing is wrong; hoping that things will just get better and the problem will eventually go away. Unfortunately, this is not the case in most situations. If left untreated, addiction progresses and consumes the user; robing them of their emotional stability, finances, physical health and in some cases their lives. By minimizing or choosing to live in denial about your loved one’s addiction problem the situation will eventually go from bad to worse and damage the addict and those who love and care about them.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are difficult challenges that incorporate many interconnected issues for the addicted individual. While there is no “magic” formula to end addiction once and for all, drug rehab programs such as Narconon Fresh Start provide addicted persons with the resources, education and guidance they need to achieve true rehabilitation. Our drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program includes services to help addicts and their loved ones through the recovery process. As the loved one of a drug addict or alcoholic, reaching out for help is a critical step in getting the individual the help they need to stop using once and for all. Please, contact our skilled addiction counselors for guidance and support to help your loved one end their addiction and regain the life they are meant to be living.


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My Graduation from Narconon Fresh Start

I had a normal life before drugs. I had the love of my family and close friends, but as I got older we moved around a lot. That made it difficult to make friends as I got older and I never seemed to fit in at any of the schools I attended. At 15 I started smoking pot and drinking to avoid the negative feelings I was struggling with. My drug use eventually progressed to harder drugs like pills and ecstasy. Being surrounded by drug users I was introduced to meth and it was as if I had found the missing piece of the puzzle. Meth became my drug of choice almost immediately and as my addiction progressed it felt like I was a slave to my addiction. There was nothing bright in my future and I truly wanted to stop using. I just couldn’t give it up.

Before Narconon Fresh Start I had been in and out of six other rehab programs. They ranged from inpatient, outpatient, state funded to private. The one thing all these other programs had in common was that they were based on the 12-step model of recovery. The disease concept of addiction just didn’t make sense to me and I struggled to find a way to apply those programs philosophy to my life when I didn’t believe that I had a disease. When I would enter the other drug rehab programs they would set out to diagnose me and begin putting me on antidepressants and other medications. This never addressed the real root of my addiction problem and left me feeling hopeless that I would ever achieve real sobriety.

Enrolling in Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab was entirely different. The atmosphere was welcoming, uplifting and so different than any other program I’d ever attended. They didn’t put me on prescription medications, which was such a relief. During my withdrawal I felt sad and found myself wanting to dwell in the past. The staff members were so kind and kept me from remaining stuck in my head by talking with me and helping me look outside myself to what was presently is going on around me. These exercises, and the ones I latter practiced in the course room helped me to look at my life objectively. I’ve been able to take responsibility for my past which has been a very important part of my recovery from meth. I have gained a sense of control over my life and my future, something that I never had before. Now I can handle life using the skills and tools I learned at Narconon Fresh Start and no longer play the victim in my life.

A.P. Narconon Fresh Start Review
Sunshine Summit Lodge Graduate 2013

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Narconon Fresh Start Will Help Overcome Addiction to Concerta

At Narconon Fresh Start, we can help clients discover what prompted the Concerta addiction and then help them develop drug-free ways to deal with these issues so that they don’t feel the need to return to use of Concerta or other drugs in the future.

October 9, 2014

Concerta is a prescription drug which is categorized as a stimulant, and is used to treat “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD) in both children and adults. While other prescription stimulants are available and widely used to treat such disorders, Concerta is a slow-release version of methylphenidate hydrochloride whereas other versions deliver the drug into the system all at once such as Ritalin for example. Much like Ritalin and other prescription stimulants, use of Concerta even for so-called legitimate purposes carries great risks. Also, prescription stimulants such as Concerta are highly abused among both legitimate prescription holders and among individuals who abuse prescription stimulants such as Concerta recreationally and without a prescription.

All drugs containing methylphenidate hydrochloride can cause serious side effects including heart attack and stroke, particularly among individuals who have pre-existing heart problems. Because someone may not be aware of a pre-existing heart problem before starting “therapy” with Concerta or before using it non-medically, truly anyone is at risk of such effects. Because Concerta is a stimulant, it is going to be abused among recreational drug users who want to experience a rush of energy or alertness from the drug. And because drugs like Concerta are often abused along with other drugs and alcohol when abused non-medically, non-medical users in particular are at an increased risk of experiencing negative and life-threatening side effects. Other drugs and alcohol should never be used with Concerta of course, and when used legitimately doctors would warn patients of this. But when being abused, individuals don’t often stop to think about such consequences.

One of the dangers with Concerta when abused in this way is that unlike Ritalin or Adderall it is a time release drug, and so individuals who may crush the drug to abuse it much like someone would abuse an illicit drug is bypassing this time release function. Too much methylphenidate hydrochloride is then released into the system which intensifies the stimulant effects but also of course intensifies the negative effects. If someone is experiencing signs of a Concerta overdose because of this including any respiratory or cardiac symptoms, they should seek medical attention immediately.

Individuals who use Concerta both legitimately and non-medically will often develop dependence to the drug and have difficulty getting off of it even when they want to. This is true for all methylphenidate hydrochloride products including Ritalin and Adderall. If someone has been using the drug regularly over an extended period of time, they should actually never attempt to stop using it abruptly as this too could cause negative side effects known as withdrawal which could be dangerous in some instances. Narconon Fresh Start can help individuals through the withdrawal process safely, so that there is minimal discomfort and to ensure this is a safe process. For individuals who have been using Concerta for whatever reason, it is important to address why they felt the need to use the drug in the first place.

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Narconon Fresh Start Can Help

If someone has reached a crisis point in regards to substance abuse and needs help you really want to make sure you are giving them the most effective help available. It is also important for family and friends of someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t have to reach a crisis point to get this help. Many people are far more receptive to help long before what would be considered “rock bottom”. And if they do get help in the earlier stages of their addiction the outcomes are much better in many cases because they have avoided so many of the consequences they would have experienced had their addiction been allowed to progress without intervention. So there is really no bad time to try and help someone you care about get help, and no matter how slight or advanced the problem is Narconon Fresh Start is a quality treatment option that has helped thousands of people get their lives back and overcome addiction for good.

How do we accomplish this and why do we boast among the highest long-term success rates in the field of drug rehabilitation? First of all, we don’t provide anything less than what we have experienced to be necessary in terms of length and intensity of treatment. So Narconon Fresh Start facilities are all residential facilities where clients are obligated to remain until they graduate our program. This is a crucial aspect of the treatment process that makes Narconon Fresh Start a leading rehab program in terms of success rates, and we don’t negotiate this point. In fact we actually encourage our clients and their families to put as much distance between themselves and their normal environment as possible for as long as necessary so that they are better able to focus on their rehab process, so a Narconon Fresh Start facility in another state is actually the best idea for our clients. It puts separation between them and drug using associates and resources and also lessens the chance of prematurely leaving rehab.

The Narconon Fresh Start program is a long-term program, so clients should prepare themselves for a much lengthier stay than they may have experienced in the past or had anticipated if this is their first time in rehab. Studies show from decades of information regarding drug rehabilitation that 90-120 days is the ideal timeframe to remain in drug rehab, and some Narconon Fresh Start clients remain even longer at times at no extra charge. Within the first few weeks of treatment Narconon Fresh Start clients are overcoming acute physical and psychological challenges associated with recently abstaining from drugs and/or alcohol and are put through our extensive detoxification process which ensures all residual drugs are eliminated from their bodies. It can then take several more weeks and months in some cases to find the associations between the things in their lives that aren’t ideal and how this relates to their substance abuse. Resolving these issues while also adapting new lifestyle techniques which can help clients be better able to cope with life’s problems without turning to drugs is the focus of our program and one which sets them up for a real fresh start when the leave the Narconon program.

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Rainbow Canyon Retreat Helps Their Graduates Achieve the Life They Truly Want to be Living

Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab successful ends addiction and educates the program participant on how to live a happy, productive and ethical life free of drug and alcohol use.

September 29, 2014

As one of the premier drug rehab programs in the country, Narconon Fresh Start has treatment locations in a variety of ideal settings chosen for their safety and picturesque sites. Nevada is the home to Narconon Fresh Start’s Rainbow Canyon Retreat, located in a serene valley meadow beneath the beautiful layered colors of Rainbow Canyon. This drug rehab center is near Caliente, Nevada and provides program participants with the distraction free environment they need to address their drug and/or alcohol addiction. Situated on three hundred and twenty acres, this facility offers the remoteness and safety necessary to leave the temptations and restimulative environment program participants have been living in behind them so they can focus on their recovery.

As a former dude ranch, the Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab program offers scenic canyon views and fresh clean air; a welcome change for program participants looking to begin a fresh start in their life. This large rural facility includes all the necessary spaces and amenities essential to providing program participants with an enjoyable stay during their time enrolled in the program. With numerous buildings on the property, program participants have several common and recreational areas to utilize during their time at Rainbow Canyon Retreat after their regular program hours.

The Narconon Fresh Start program at Rainbow Canyon Retreat takes up a majority of the program participant’s time. As one of the most comprehensive and thorough drug addiction and alcoholism rehabilitation programs, Narconon Fresh Start’s Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab successful ends addiction and educates the program participant on how to live a happy, productive and ethical life free of drug and alcohol use. With the combination of their New Life Detoxification Program and cognitive behavioral modification program, Rainbow Canyon Retreat graduates complete rehab ready to begin living a substance-free lifestyle. They have been truly rehabilitated during their time in this drug rehab and leave with all the necessary tools and skills to create the life they truly want to be living.


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The Components of the Narconon Fresh Start Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

In this post we go over the three key components of the Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

September 22, 2014

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program consists of several key components that strengthen and build up the recovering individual’s ability to live a clean and sober life. The first component of the program is the drug-free withdrawal (except in cases where only a medically-assisted withdrawal is possible). When the program participant enrolls in the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program they are given a pre-medical evaluation to ensure their withdrawal needs are safely and comfortably met. During this process they receive 24-hour care to make the withdrawal process as pain free as possible. Program participants who require medically supervised detox will complete this at an alternate facility, and once released will continue with their drug free withdrawal process at the Narconon Fresh Start rehab center. Every program participant undergoes Narconon Fresh Start’s drug free withdrawal program to ensure their physical and emotional needs are met before proceeding with the next portion of the program.

The next phase of the curriculum is the New Life Detoxification Program. This course address the lingering toxic drug metabolites left behind in the user’s fatty tissue by substance abuse. If not removed, these drug metabolites can cause drug cravings, depression and a number of other physical and emotional stressors when they are released into the bloodstream. Through a specific process the program participant is able to flush these toxic drug metabolites from their system. The result is significantly reduced drug cravings, and in many cases no cravings for drugs what so ever. The New Life Detoxification Program focuses on supervised exercise, nutritional supplements and monitored time sweating in a dry sauna to aid in the removal of the stored drug metabolites. This phase of the Narconon Fresh Start program is vital in the rehabilitation process and eradicating future substance use.

The third component of the program is the Life Skills Courses. This is where program participants learn to overcome their addiction and solve life’s problems without resorting to drugs or alcohol. Program participants become students during their time at Narconon Fresh Start as they learn interpersonal skills, problem solving, self-respect and integrity. The program is designed so that graduates become fully rehabilitated during their time at Narconon Fresh Start and no further “treatment” for addiction is necessary after they graduate. With one of the highest success rates in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, Narconon Fresh Start helps their graduates achieve lasting sobriety.


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