Addiction Recovery Through Natural Healthful Methods

With over four decades of successful addiction recovery treatment, Narconon Fresh Start is leading the way in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Narconon Fresh Start’s network of drug rehabilitation centers are leaders in the field of addiction recovery. With treatment locations in Colorado, Texas, Nevada and Southern California their unique approach to addiction recovery has helped thousands over the past four decades end their addiction problem and learn to lead happy, healthy productive lives.

The Narconon Fresh Start program handles addiction recovery using the innovative holistic methods created by Mr. Benitez and Mr. Hubbard. Decades ago, Mr. Benitez was able to finally recover from his addiction problem using the life skills and education he learned through Mr. Hubbard’s literature. Much of Mr. Hubbard’s life was spent researching techniques to help others learn to live happier lives and recover from past unhappy experiences. Mr. Hubbard’s continued research on addiction recovery generated a natural, healthful way to assist addicted individuals mentally, physically and emotionally.

Taking what he learned, Mr. Benitez created a workable application of Mr. Hubbard’s principles to form a drug rehabilitation program that he shared with others. Their collaboration resulted in the first Narconon program. A drug and alcohol rehab program that works to address the individual as a whole, the reasons behind their substance abuse, and the damage they have caused their mind and body through their addiction.

Graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program have completely healed from their addiction program. They do not take drug substitution medication to enable them to remain sober, they have achieved sobriety all on their own with no use of prescription medication. Graduates do not have to attend meetings, counseling or any other form of continued treatment because they have learned all the skills and tools they need to live the drug-free successful lives they envision for themselves.



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Pump-It Powder

Pump-It powder is a stimulant drug that is sold over the internet and widely available in gas stations and novelty stores.

As the demand for substances that alter the user’s senses continues to escalate, a new drug has found a place in the synthetic drug market. Pump-It powder is the new synthetic drug created from “enhanced plant vitamin” that gets its name from the stimulating effects it creates in the user. Thought to contain Geranamine, also known as methylhexanamine, a dated amphetamine-related stimulant and decongestant that is found naturally in the geranium plant. Currently, methylhexanamine is a legal substance and is not scheduled by the Drug Enforcement Agency. There are not been many studies done on methylhexanamine since it was patented in 1944. Methylhexanamine is known to be a key component in many energy drinks and aphrodisiac mixtures. While many users of Pump-It powder report that the effects of the substance are similar to methylhexanamine, they also note that the drugs effects are similar to pre-ban bath salts containing methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV is a psychoactive recreational drug with stimulant properties). Because Pump-It powder and other synthetic drugs are manufactured using secret formulas, it remains unclear what is actually in the final product that is sold to the general public.

Recently, emergency rooms have been seeing Pump-It powder user’s being admitted for care due to seizures, hallucinations and paranoia. User’s of this substance report that the effects are similar to, but more intense than cocaine and meth. Currently, Pump-It powder use seems to be primarily in the Midwest and plain states. It appears this drug has not gained popularity on the Pacific Coast, as of yet. Obtaining this drug is relatively easy as it can be purchased over the internet, in gas stations and novelty stores. Users of Pump-It powder administer the drug by snorting it, injecting it or smoking it. Because its effects are somewhat time delayed, users often misjudge when the effects of the drug will come on and wind up taking double or even triple the dose. These higher doses lead to intensified effects and are often the reason behind user’s needing medical treatment. On average, a typical dose of Pump-It powder will create effects in the user for 4-6 hours, but there are users who have claimed the drug’s effects lasted 12 hours or longer. The duration of the effects from Pump-It powder appear to be determined by how much of the substance the user’s ingests.



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Confronting Situations in Life

The Therapeutic Training Routines Course helps program participants learn to confront, control and communicate with people and the world around them.

“I am working on book 1 learning how to master all the drills. I’m learning about Beginning TR0-9 it’s very interesting and the time spent on these drills will help me with controlling communication and confronting situations in life.”
T. C.
Narconon Fresh Start Review 2014

Book One of Narconon Fresh Start’s educational life skills courses is The Therapeutic Training Routines Course. The purpose of these training routines is to help the recovering individual develop the skills necessary to address the basic and fundamental problems that all people (especially addicts) need to be able to handle to get along successfully in life. This book focusses on developing the program participant’s ability to confront, control and communicate with people and the world around them. Learning these skills is critical for long-term sobriety; mastering the ability to confront, control and communicate with those around you leads to positive interactions with others and the ability to handle any difficult situation that arises in life. This course was chosen first in the educational life skills courses at Narconon Fresh Start because it benefits the program participant throughout the rest of their program as well as into their future.



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Handling Stress and Emotions

After recovery, it is critical that you use the skills you have learned at Narconon Fresh Start to handle stress and emotions.

Learning to handle stress and control your emotions is a large part of maintaining sobriety. Before recovery, an addict would turn to their drug of choice to cope with stress or numb themselves from unwanted emotions. Now that they are sober, they have to use the life skills and tools they have learned in treatment to help them manage their stress, decompress and work through their emotions. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs learn these essential life skills and techniques during their time in treatment.

It takes time and effort to learn and develop the new skills and techniques necessary to handle stress and manage one’s emotions. Habitually abusing drugs or alcohol is a habit that wears on the user and becomes second nature when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. To break this habit, the recovering person must repeatedly use the new skills they have developed to handle personal stress and confront their emotions. Only by repetition will these new ways of handling stress and emotions become second nature to them and thoughts of using drugs or alcohol no longer feel like the solution to their problem.

Because the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is a long-term residential treatment method, program participants have the time they need to break their engrained habit to use and develop new, healthy more effective ways to handle stress. During their time enrolled at Narconon Fresh Start, clients become students learning life skills that will help them end their addiction and become the person they were always meant to be before drugs or alcohol took center stage. While at Narconon Fresh Start, students learn the ability to confront, control and communicate with people and the world around them; critical skills to achieving success in life. They also learn how to take personal responsibility for themselves and their actions; this puts the control back in their hands so that they no longer look at themselves as a “victim” of their situation. The majority of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is dedicated to increasing the individual’s ability to function successfully in life. They learn to make correct decisions, work towards productive goals and how to maintain positive relationships while avoiding destructive ones. When these skills are fully developed, the person no longer needs to hide behind drug or alcohol use because they have all the skills they need to handle life sober.


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How Addiction Happens

No one sets out to become an addict or alcoholic, it is a process that happens overtime and often the user does not see the warning signs before its too late.

For the majority of addicted individuals, their substance use begins innocently enough. They didn’t set out to become an addict when they first experimented with drugs or alcohol. Often, their first introduction to alcohol or drugs is through another person in a social setting. They may be visiting a friend and decide to go through their parent’s liquor or medicine cabinet. They might be at a party and are offered alcohol or drugs. It is rare for a person to experiment with a substance for the first time when they are by themselves. Typically, experimentation with drugs or alcohol begins during the individual’s teen years or even preteen years, when they are ill-equipped to properly think through the consequences of their actions. Preteens, teens and young adults are known for engaging in risky and unwise behaviors. This is because their focus in on the immediate pleasure and gratification they receive vs. being concerned about the potential consequences of their actions. All too often, the younger a person experiments with substances and begins using them recreationally the more likely it is that they will develop an addiction problem. Their attraction to drugs and alcohol and repeated use of substances becomes intertwined with their developmental growth and leads to much larger problems for them in the future; namely addiction.

Another way that people become addicted to drugs is through doctor-provided prescriptions. While the individual seeks out treatment for a ligament ailment, such as pain or anxiety – their use of prescribed medications becomes habit forming. Many medications used to treat pain and anxiety are known to be habit forming and carry a great deal of risk when consumed in any other way than prescribed by the physician. When the person develops an addiction to their medication it is not uncommon for them to “doctor shop” to feed their prescription drug addiction. Prescription drug addicts will go from doctor to doctor in hopes of cajoling the physicians into prescribing them a specific type of drug. As they continue to see doctor after doctor their skill at being able to manipulate the physicians increases and they are able to get the prescription drugs they are after. While many doctors today are savvy to “doctor shopping”, there are still some who take their patients at face value and prescribe the medication their patient indicates they require. Additionally, the online prescription drug market offers addicts access to opiates and benzodiazepines easily and hassle free. Street drug dealers also are known to sell prescription medications along side their illicit street drugs.

While it would be great to be able to tell who has the potential to become an addict, the science isn’t there yet and there is no way of knowing who will get hooked and who will stop at merely using drugs and alcohol recreationally. Generally speaking, most addicts look just like everyone else until their addiction becomes so out of hand that it physically, emotionally, and/or financially takes a toll on them. Knowing how addiction develops is critical in preventing it from happening.


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The acronym H.A.L.T. stands for hungry, angry, lonely, and tired and is a key part of maintaining your long-term sobriety.

Once you have completed Narconon Fresh Start’s drug and alcohol rehab program you are ready to begin living the new sober life you have envisioned for yourself. While this is a time of great happiness, high expectations and a sense of personal accomplishment – it can also be daunting to handle life day to day sober. An established acronym to help guide you in preventing potential relapse is H.A.L.T. This acronym stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. For recovered addicts, keeping this acronym in mind will enable you to discern where your feelings are coming from. By using the skills you’ve gained at Narconon Fresh Start you will be able to address the specific cause of your craving and put yourself back on the right path.

Staying in touch with your feelings and personal needs is essential in maintaining your sobriety. The onset of anxiety or a sudden change in mood can often be traced back to hunger; when a person’s blood sugar levels are imbalanced it can cause the individual to experience a wide range of emotions. Additionally, feelings of resentment, feeling lonely or simply tired can change a person’s outlook and cause them to behave rashly. By taking time out of your day to evaluate your feelings and personal needs using the H.A.L.T. acronym you can ensure that you are taking proper care of yourself and being proactive about maintaining your sobriety.

Struggling with any of these feelings or emotions can leave you more vulnerable to the temptation to use drugs or drink; taking your focus away from your primary goal of sobriety. A key part of sustaining your newly developed sober lifestyle is learning to pay attention to these inner signals and find appropriate ways to meet your needs. By resolving the any issues you have connected with hunger, anger, loneliness or fatigue you will be able to continue your goal of lasting sobriety.


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Young Man’s Life Saved by Anti-Overdose Spray

In New York State a 26-year-old man’s life was saved by NYPD officers using an anti-overdose spray.

Recently in New York State a man received an anti-overdose spray from New York Police Department officers that saved his life. The 26-year-old man had reportedly overdosed on painkillers and regained consciousness within 10 seconds of receiving the anti-overdose spray. He was then taken to Staten Island University hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

The anti-overdose spray that the man received is known as Naloxone. It works by combatting the negative effects of high levels of opiates in the user’s blood. This drug comes in a liquid solution that can be sprayed into the person’s nose or injected in their vein, a muscle or just under their skin.

The CDC recently reported that painkiller and heroin overdoses are the leading cause of injury or death here in the U.S. In 2011, more than 41,000 individuals passed away due to drug poisoning; with 41% of those individuals having consumed a painkiller such as Vicodin or OxyContin.

The use of Naloxone to save this mans life is the 16th time this medication has been used since December 2013 by NYPD officers in other apparent overdose victims.


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I’ve learned the Way to Happiness

Part of the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is learning essential life skills that generate a lifetime of happiness, sobriety and a better life without drugs.

Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program’s methods produce long term success and lasting sobriety. Understanding that every person and family struggling with addiction problems is unique, there are some basic common issues that lie at the heart of every addiction problem. Our unique drug and alcohol treatment program provides the necessary rehabilitation tools, skills and education to help resolve these issues.

“Today I am writing this Narconon Fresh Start review to share that I have achieved my goal of completing the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program. It is a huge success for me and my eyes have opened up to a whole new world. I feel free again and the feeling is exciting! Through this program and using all of the precepts in the Common Sense Guide to Better Living I’ve learned another way to happiness without needing drugs or alcohol. I’ve recommend this program as well as the book to anyone and everyone wanting to live a healthier, clean, happy, positive life. I thank Narconon Fresh Start for the education and information I received while being here.”

  1. M. Narconon Fresh Start Review Graduate 2014
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Narconon Fresh Start: A Brief History

With humble beginnings, the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program has grown into one of the most successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the world.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program stems from the initial Narconon program first created by Mr. William Benitez in 1966. At the time, Mr. Benitez was an inmate in Arizona and found inspiration to end his own drug addiction through the writings of Mr. Hubbard in his book Scientology: Fundamentals of Thought. While this book was not written specifically about ending drug addiction, it inspired Mr. Benitez through its varying approaches to solving life’s problems. The principle concept in the book that struck Mr. Benitez to utilize this literature as a means to end his addiction problem was that by raising one’s abilities, a person can solve any and all problems.

Mr. Benitez had tried numerous other existing methods to end his addiction problem with no success. Choosing not to give up on himself, he read Mr. Hubbard’s book and drew the necessary concepts and precepts from the literature to finally achieve lasting sobriety. While in the Arizona jail, Mr. Benitez decided to found an addiction rehabilitation program based on the concepts he had used to rehabilitate himself and named it “Narconon” (for “no drugs” or “no narcotics”). Writing to Mr. Hubbard about his personal success ending his addiction to drugs using techniques he learned though Mr. Hubbard’s book, he reached out to ask for help establishing the fundamental concepts and research needed to get the Narconon program up and running. Mr. Hubbard gladly provided all the conceptual information and research needed to support Mr. Benitez’s addiction rehabilitation program.

The first Narconon residential drug rehab center opened in Los Angeles, CA. In 1972 Mr. Benitez legally incorporated the Narconon program as a 501©(3) non-profit public benefit corporation. As the Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program grew over the years, Mr. Hubbard continued his research into drug addiction and recovery. The Narconon program utilized Mr. Hubbard’s discoveries into their rehabilitation process, improving the program and the long-term success of their graduates. A few of the most pertinent discoveries added to the program include the use of the dry, adjustable-heat sauna as well as an exercise and nutritional regimen as a way to address the physical and mental effects of the client’s accumulated toxic residuals connected with drug and alcohol abuse.

Today, the Narconon network of drug rehabilitation programs spans the world. Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab centers follow the procedures and standards of performance while delivering the Narconon program according to the standardized manuals published worldwide in the early 1990’s. Narconon Fresh Start has helped thousands of individuals truly end their addiction problems and become successfully rehabilitated.

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Narconon Fresh Start Establishes Essential Life Skills in their Graduates

Narconon Fresh Start is a network of successful drug and alcohol rehab programs dedicated to helping addicts and their families recover from addiction problems.

As a group of individuals who have banned together to eradicate drug addiction and alcoholism, Narconon Fresh Start’s staff is dedicated to helping addicts and their families restore what has been lost through substance addiction. Over the decades, thousands of Narconon Fresh Start graduates have successfully recovered from their addiction problem and gone on to live healthy and productive lives. This program’s ability to completely turn a person’s life around is why so many individuals struggling with addiction problems have found lasting sobriety and success. Choosing to use alternative holistic methods of rehabilitation, Narconon Fresh Start does not use drug substitution to help their client’s overcome drug addiction. That would defeat the purpose of true addiction rehabilitation. Instead, the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program helps get addicted individuals off of drugs or alcohol safely and naturally.

Essential life skills are part of Narconon Fresh Start’s rehabilitation program. As the program participant acclimates to their time in Narconon Fresh Start’s rehab program they become more like students than clients. Through the Life Skills Courses they learn vital skills to help them achieve sobriety, improve their quality of life and become valuable contributing members of their families and society. Skills Narconon Fresh Start graduates develop during their time in rehab include:

  • How to differentiate between a dangerous associate who will lead one back into drug abuse and a friend who can be trusted
  • How to recover and maintain one’s own personal integrity and self-respect
  • How to solve problems in life and not be unstabilized by setbacks or disappointments
  • How to make the right moral choices, based on an understanding of the way that good survival creates true happiness for self and others.
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