Narconon Fresh Start Drug Rehabilitation Program


Welcome to Narconon Fresh Start. Our drug rehabilitation program uses one of the most successful drug rehabilitation methods in the world that has proven to effectively get people off drugs and keep people off drugs.

Narconon is a worldwide network of drug rehabilitation programs that has been helping people get off drugs since 1966. Narconon Fresh Start uses the Narconon program methodology which has shown in multiple outcome studies in over a 40 year span that an average of 75% of responding graduates stay drug-free six months or more after graduating.

Program Guarantee

We back up our 75% average success rate by offering a free return program review for those who relapse within 6 months of graduating.

Our program is designed to produce long-term success by addressing the physical and mental sources of addiction and the behaviors associated with it.

Why Our Program is Successful

Rehab Program Results
Our program has succeeded where other programs have failed. Many of our graduates have tried multiple rehabs prior to Narconon Fresh Start and are now living successful and drug-free lives.

Key components that contribute to the success of our drug rehabilitation program:

Natural Drug Withdrawal

Narconon Fresh Start is an alternative method to traditional drug treatment. We do not believe addiction is a disease nor do we use drug replacement. In other words we do not treat drug addiction with the use of other drugs. Instead we use a safe and natural approach to recovery. This involves a regiment of nutritional supplements and withdrawal techniques that help ease the discomforts of drug withdrawal pains. We have many success stories of graduates testifying that out of the many rehabilitation programs they’ve tried, our drug withdrawal technique has been the most painless and easiest in comparison.

Drug Detoxification

Our drug detoxification process cleanses the body of drug residues and toxins that drive cravings. This is achieved through many hours of sitting in a dry sauna and a combination of nutrition and exercise.

Here are some of what many of our participants say about their drug detoxification experience:

  • “I no longer have cravings.”
  • “I felt the drug toxins coming out of my body.”
  • “I feel like a new person.”

Life Skills Courses

Learning Life SkillsLiving a drug-free life after recovery from drug addiction requires a new life style and set of skills. We offer Life Skills courses that bring about ethical changes in a person’s behavior. These courses help an individual confront problems in his or her life that can drive a person back to using drugs again.  These skills also help individuals develop self-control, communication skills and personal values to live a successful life without drugs.

Here are some of what many of our participants say about what the life skills courses did for them:

  • “These life skills taught me how to live again.”
  • “I can communicate with my family now.”
  • “These tools will help me stay drug-free for good.”

Time Variable Program

The Narconon Fresh Start program does not have a set time limit. Our program cost will treat a person for up to one year. The time it takes for each individual to complete each step of the program varies. The program generally takes approximately three months to complete, but it may take longer for some participants.

Free Consultation

Rehab ConsultantWe know the struggle of helping someone with drug addiction. We offer free consultation for anyone looking to help their loved one with drug addiction.

Whether it’s advice or assistance with getting your loved one into Narconon Fresh Start, we’re here for you. Our addiction specialists have professional experience in helping you take necassary steps to turn your loved one’s life around. Drug addiction is a matter of life and death. Don’t hesitate to take action and call us.

We can help you with some of the common situations below:

  • Help with spotting drug use.
  • Help with understanding addiction.
  • Help with understanding different program options.
  • Questions about drugs and their harmful effects.
  • Assistance on how to approach drug use.
  • Help with financial assistance or insurance.
  • Legal assistance when rehab is an alternative.
  • Helping families with a loved one who doesn’t accept help.
  • General advice about drug abuse.

Most PPO insurance is accepted. If you’re not sure about what your insurance covers, we can help you. All you have to do is give us a call.

Call today for help.