Fort Collins New Life Center: A Different Type of Drug Rehab Program

Narconon Fresh Start LogoThe Fort Collins New Life Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program different from any other you may have heard or read about. They are finding success in addiction recovery where other programs struggle. Their graduates are able to maintain their sobriety because they know a fact that some other treatment programs do not acknowledge: drug and alcohol addiction is not a lifelong incurable disease.

While so many of us have heard over the years that an addition to drugs or alcohol means the person has the “disease of addiction” the staff at the Fort Collins New Life Center knows this is not true. So, how does a person become an addict if not by contracting a disease? Addiction to drugs and alcohol is brought on by the physical and mental problems their substance abuse creates within themselves.

No one sets out to become a drug addict or alcoholic. It is not a desirable position to be in; always looking for your next high, living day-to-day, feeling sick when unable to get ahold of the drugs your body and mind need to function. The desperation an addict lives in drains them in so many ways. It robs them of their health, money, time, family and friends. Successfully recovering from one’s addiction problem takes a concerted effort on the addicted person’s part and attending the right drug rehab program.

When a person takes a drug repeatedly over a period of time (weeks, months even years) their body and mind begins to rely on the substance to function “normally”. Without their regular use of drugs or alcohol the person begins to suffer withdrawal symptoms. While these symptoms can be quite severe once they have subsided the recovering person will no longer physically be a slave to their addiction.

Graduates of the Fort Collins New Life Center know what it takes to beat drug and alcohol addiction. These individuals are able to stand on their own two feet and face life’s challenges without resorting to substance use. The program they have completed has built them up to be stronger and more powerful without drugs than they ever could have imagined. They now take responsibility for their actions and the resulting outcomes. It is their personal responsibility to make ethical and moral choices to maintain the sobriety they have worked so hard to achieve.

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