Narconon Fresh Start: A Drug Rehab Different Than the Rest

Narconon Fresh Start LogoThe Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program is different than other treatment programs. The first thing you should know that sets them apart from other centers is their philosophy on addiction. The founding principal of the Narconon Fresh Start program is that drug and alcohol addiction are not a disease. Unlike other treatment centers and recovery methods who insist you have an incurable disease, the Narconon program builds you up and puts the power of recovery in your hands.

Drug and alcohol addiction is made up of both learned behavior and physical habituation to drugs or alcohol. While the person first tried drugs or alcohol as a means of recreation (i.e. to relax, be social, and avoid problems in their life) they had no idea that it would lead to the addiction problem they now suffer with. It takes time to develop an addiction, regularly taking mind altering substances over many months (sometimes as little as several weeks for some highly addictive substances) changes the way the person’s mind and body function. Their body begins to expect the drugs or alcohol regularly and begins the process of withdrawal if it is not provided. While these physical signs of addiction can be severe for some, recovery is possible no matter what drug the person has been abusing or how long they have struggled with abuse and addiction problems.

The staff of the Narconon Fresh Start programs does not label their clients lifelong addicts or alcoholics. A client of the program is thought to be a student learning the tools they need to recover from their addiction. While in the rehab program they address the physical and mental problem of their addiction as well as the underlying issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place.

The program is designed to build up the recovering individual. It gives them back the power to make changes in their life. The recovered person is no longer a slave to drugs or alcohol and does not have to think of themselves as an addict. They are responsible for their actions and behavior. A graduate of Narconon Fresh Start program continues to make positive choices when they graduate; choices that keep them on the path of maintaining their sobriety and finding success in their daily life without drugs or alcohol.

Watch Narconon Fresh Start testimonial videos of graduates and parents who share their success on the program.

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