Recovery Found at Sunshine Summit Lodge

Narconon Fresh Start LogoAs drug and alcohol addiction spreads across the country Sunshine Summit Lodge is helping addicts recover each and every day. While drug and alcohol rehab programs are sprouting up everywhere this program is different from the rest. They believe that drug and alcohol addiction is not a disease. It is not a black shadow that has to follow a person for the remainder of their life. Then, what causes a person to become an addict? Addiction is both a learned behavior and physical conditioning to drugs or alcohol.

The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge operates under the belief that each person is responsible for their actions and the results that follow. A person who has become addicted to drugs or alcohol did not develop an incurable disease because of regularly taking drugs. They became an addict due to the series of poor choices they made to abuse drugs or alcohol.

What was once a recreational activity has now seemingly taken over their lives. The drug user choose time and again to take drugs or alcohol; in turn, their body began to adapt to the presence of the substances. They began to crave the drugs mentally and sometimes physically depending on the substance they are abusing. Their cravings become compulsions to the point that they no longer feel they had a choice whether use or not. Their body demands it.

Completing the Sunshine Summit Lodge program gives the addicted person their life back. They are able to stand on their own two feet, drug-free and happy. As a graduate of the program the recovered person never has to attend 12-steep meetings, go to therapy or continue counseling for their addiction problem. They are truly recovered and are able to live the life they were always meant to have before drugs and alcohol took hold of them.

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One thought on “Recovery Found at Sunshine Summit Lodge”

  1. “I started using drugs recreationally around the age of 15. Before I knew it I was trying more and more drugs and the curiosity overtook me. Then I turned 18 and I got to try heroin and everything started to go wrong. With that I was sent to Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge. I didn’t want to go to treatment at first but with time and being away from drugs I realized that I could be happy without drugs and that I didn’t want to use anymore. I realized that I could have fun without drugs and my whole mindset had changed. I have Sunshine Summit Lodge to thank for that”


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