Drug Addiction Recovery Found at Lonestar Victory Ranch

While many drug rehab programs have found success, the Lonestar Victory Ranch has a success rate that is unparalleled in the business. Using the Narconon Fresh Start’s New Life Detoxification Method combined with Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model this treatment program has a very high success rate. They are able to succeed at the difficult task of drug addiction recovery where others fall short. Their above average success rate is backed by their guarantee that their program works.

How can one treatment program have a success rate that far surpasses most others in the field of drug rehabilitation? Lonestar Victory Ranch is founded on the belief that each person is responsible for themselves, their actions and the results of the choices they make. They do not buy into the disease model of addiction. The drug addicted person has not contracted an illness or lifelong disease that will plague them for the rest of their lives.

The program at the Lonestar Victory Ranch is centered on confronting and locating the specific causes of one’s addiction problem. The skilled staff works with each client on addressing the many addictive behaviors they struggle with and resolving them. Recovering persons find that their rehabilitation takes place not just on a physical level, but on a deep emotional one too. They go through withdrawal and detox and then begin the much harder job of working on who they are as a person and what drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol.

When a client first enters the Lonestar Victory Ranch program they are addicted, often overwhelmed with negative if not scary feelings about how they are going to get by without using. During the process of working through each part of the program the addicted person becomes a student learning invaluable life skills. As they get closer to completing their recovery program they find that they no longer wear the label of “addict” or “alcoholic” because they are no longer oppressed by their drug addiction. Graduates of Lonestar Victory Ranch are able to complete the program and return to their lives feeling empowered about maintaining their sobriety.

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