Getting Results at Fort Collins New Life Center

Results are what the staff and graduates of the Fort Collins New Life Center achieve day in and day out. This successful drug rehab center is able to boast an astoundingly high success rate due to their utilization of the Narconon Fresh Start program.

Fort Collins New Life Center incorporates all facets of drug addiction recovery into their treatment program. Clients go through the New Life Detoxification process to rid their body of the drug residuals left behind. This unique detox method purifies the drug user’s body. When the process is complete the client is rid of any physical cravings and compulsions to use drugs.

This rehab center is a stand out among other facilities because they do not use any form of drug replacement or drug substitution therapy. This is rare in the field of drug addiction recovery with researchers constantly looking to find the next prescription drug to “cure” addiction. True recovery from addiction does not mean becoming dependent on a medication you pick up at your local pharmacy. A fully rehabilitated person does not need to take any medication to “control” their addiction recovery symptoms.

When clients are the Fort Collins New Life Center have successfully completed their detoxification process they are ready to focus their attention on the life skills portion of their program. Clients become students as they learn the many necessary tools and techniques to maintain their sobriety. The purpose of these courses is to achieve cognitive behavioral modification and address the underlying issue(s) that lead to their addiction problem. A graduate of the Fort Collins New Life Center no longer refers to themselves as an “addict” or “alcoholic”. They have successfully recovered from their addiction problem and are looking forward to facing life’s challenges drug-free and clearheaded.

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