Narconon Fresh Start: Total Recovery from Addiction

Narconon Fresh Start LogoDrugs and alcohol are highly addictive substances. Once a person has become addicted to them it is very hard for them to stop using by their own free will. Many drug users become so physically addicted to the substances they are taking that they would not be able to stop using them without going through severe, life threatening drug withdrawal. While not every drug addiction is as physically for the addict, all addictions take an emotional toll on the person.

Narconon Fresh Start understands the power of addiction and how it changes the person from the inside out. While the drug user is feeding their addiction, they are losing themselves in the process. They are becoming a distorted version of themselves through the habitual abuse of the substances they consume. This drug rehab program knows how difficult it is to take a person from a life of drugs, alcohol and chaos to one filled with direction, purpose and integrity.

Total recovery from addiction comes with completing the Narconon Fresh Start program. Their New Life Detoxification Method combined with a Cognitive Behavioral Modification Model has given thousands of people back their lives from the downward spiral of drug addiction. The program’s methods and unique model of drug addiction rehabilitation has a high success rate at accomplishing total rehabilitation for over 45 years. The Narconon Fresh Start staff is so confident in the effectiveness of their program that they guarantee their program’s success. In a nation highly saturated with drug rehab programs, this guarantee is rare.

One thought on “Narconon Fresh Start: Total Recovery from Addiction”

  1. This program gets people off of drugs and does not put them on other prescription drugs and has over a 75% Success Rate. Now that is amazing!! Get the word out about Narconon Fresh Start and help to stop the drugging of our society. These programs give an addict their freedom of choice back and deslaves them from the drugs that are controlling and ruining their life. It brings the person back to themselves and who they were before the drugs, the true them, and gives them the tools and life skills to handle life without drugs, that is true rehabilitation!!

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