Addiction Recovery Achieved at Lonestar Victory Ranch

The staff at the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab program see people recover from even the most severe of drug addictions on a regular basis. This program has an exceptionally high success rate because they use the Narconon Fresh Start program of drug rehabilitation. Narconon Fresh Start is different from most other treatment programs today.

What truly sets this program apart from others is that Lonestar Victory Ranch is a drug-free treatment program. This means that they do not use any form of drug replacement or drug substitution therapy. Once their drug withdrawal process is complete clients are drug-free in every sense of the word. They are not dependent on prescription drugs to regulate their mood, help them sleep or give them a false sense of energy.

Lonestar Victory Ranch encompasses all parts of drug addiction recovery. Once the client has completed drug withdrawal they are ready to begin their recovery program. Clients will go through the New Life Detox process to flush out any remaining drug residuals left behind by their substance abuse. The detox program’s use of nutritional supplements, exercise and time spent in the sauna aids the body in its purification process. When this portion of the client’s program is complete they will no longer experience physical cravings and urges to use drugs or alcohol. Many clients notice how much better they sleep at night, how much healthier their skin tone is and an increase in energy after completing their New Life Detoxification process.

Graduates of Lonestar Victory Ranch’s treatment program are drug-free and know what it feels like to conquer drug addiction. They are able to leave the program as a healthy, fully rehabilitated person; no longer wearing the title of drug addict. Addiction recovery is possible at Lonestar Victory Ranch.

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