Addiction Recovery Using Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s Keys to Success

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a leader in the field of addiction recovery. Their treatment program uses the Narconon Fresh Start rehabilitation method and philosophy to help clients find lasting sobriety. The principles of this drug rehab program have been used since 1966 and continue prove to be the most effective method of drug addiction rehabilitation.

The keys to success have brought Rainbow Canyon Retreat countless graduates who continue to lead a life of sobriety and purpose once they leave treatment. Their program is not for profit and is based on a time variable approach to rehabilitation. While some clients are able to complete treatment in just a few months, others who need longer are given the time necessary to fully become rehabilitated. The location of Rainbow Canyon Retreat was specially chosen to be distraction free and provide a healing environment.

Clients participate in a body cleansing and purification program unlike any other available today. Once they have completed their detoxification process they will be free of drug residuals and any physical drug cravings. Many clients comment on how much clearer headed they feel after their detox program. They often have a better night’s sleep and notice many positive changes in their body such as clearer and brighter skin. Rainbow Canyon Retreat uses a non-group therapy individualized approach to treatment. Clients work with one another as well as skilled counselors to address their internal emotional problems that lead to their addiction.

While every rehab is looking to get their clients off drugs or alcohol, Rainbow Canyon Retreat goes the extra mile. Their objective is to take the addicted person out of a life ruled by drugs and/or alcohol and give them back the integrity, self-respect and sense of pride they have been missing due to their addiction problem. A graduate of their program returns home to their family, friends and community changed for the better; able to live happily without drugs and become a contributing member of their family, friendships and community.

One thought on “Addiction Recovery Using Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s Keys to Success”

  1. With a foundation that started in 1966, this program is very well equipped to properly, effectively, and efficiently provide treatment for substance addiction and abuse. Many people, including myself, are very lucky to have received the help administered here and are now living better, productive lifestyles.

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