Drug-Free Thanks to Rainbow Canyon Retreat

Rainbow Canyon Retreat gives their clients the ability to live a drug-free, purpose driven life built on integrity and self-respect. While other programs tell their clients that they have a disease; one that they can only hope to learn to live with, the Rainbow Canyon Retreat program empowers their clients with the fact that they can fully recover from their addiction problem. Using Narconon’s Fresh Start treatment philosophy clients of Rainbow Canyon Retreat complete their program and never have to call themselves an “addict” again, they do not have to attend meetings to “maintain” their sobriety and they do not have a disease that may strike them down at any unforeseen moment in the future.

The Narconon Fresh Start treatment philosophy has been used for decades now and has a high success rate in complete drug addiction rehabilitation. What is even more amazing than their high success rate is that they are a drug-free program. They do not use any form of drug substitution or replacement to help their clients successfully recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Clients do not take prescription drugs to aid with their symptoms of recovery. A graduate of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat is not dependent on anything other than their inner strength and their ability to make ethical, responsible choices.

The primary way that Rainbow Canyon Retreat is able to achieve such success is by using the Narconon New Life Detoxification process. This one of a kind detox process rids the client’s body of any remaining drug residuals left behind after they have completed drug withdrawal. The program’s use of exercise, nutritional supplements and sauna assists in the purification process and leaves the client feeling better than they have in a long time. Their physical cravings for drugs or alcohol will disappear.

A graduate of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s treatment program learns the valuable life skills necessary to achieve lasting sobriety. They have cleansed themselves physically and have built themselves up mentally to be stronger and more self-empowered than ever before.

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