Fort Collins New Life Center: A Drug Rehab with the Keys to Success

Fort Collins New Life Center is founded on the Narconon Fresh Start method of addiction rehabilitation. This method of rehabilitation has been helping people successfully get off drugs since 1966. Year after year the Narconon Fresh Start programs such as Fort Collins New Life Center are proud to share that they have the highest success rates in the field of drug addiction rehabilitation.

The Fort Collins New Life Center keys to success encompass a number of specific topics that have brought them continued success. *They are a non for profit drug rehab. *Their program is based on a time variable methodology to addiction recovery. *Fort Collins New Life Center chooses to use a non-group therapy individualized approach to address their client’s emotional issues. *The location of their facility is secluded and distraction free, helping their clients focus on their recovery and not unnecessary stimuli. *The body cleansing and purification program they use helps their clients with drug cravings and compulsions. *Life skills courses are an integral part of the recovery program.

Just like other treatment programs, Fort Collins New Life Center helps their clients get off drugs. However, their overall objective is much deeper than just that. They work to break the addicted person and family from continuing to live a life filled with addiction and to place the recovered program participant back in their community as a drug and alcohol free contributing member of society.

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