Narconon Fresh Start: The Key to Success

Since 1966 Narconon Fresh Start has been treating drug addiction and alcoholism with remarkable success. The program is proud to share that year after year they have the highest success rates in the field of drug addiction rehabilitation. Their keys to success have stood the test of time and shown continued results in every form of drug addicted person.

The Narconon Fresh Start keys to success include a number of specific areas that have brought this program continued success throughout their existence.
• They are a not for profit treatment program
• Their program is based on a time variable approach to rehabilitation
• They use a non-group therapy individualized approach
• The locations of their drug rehab centers are in secluded distraction free environments
• They utilize a body cleansing and purification program
• They teach a proven life skills rehab technology

The goal of Narconon Fresh Start is to stop the addicted person and family from continuing to live through the life of addiction and to place the client back in their community as a drug and alcohol free contributing member of society. While this program is not the easiest or quickest approach in the field of drug rehabilitation it is the most effective one. The time a person invests in their recovery is directly related to their ability to maintain their sobriety once they complete treatment. Research has shown that 90 days is often the initial threshold for true addiction rehabilitation. Continued time in treatment has been shown to further add to a person’s chances of long-term sobriety.

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