Rainbow Canyon Retreat Knows That Recovery Doesn’t Happen Overnight

How long does it take to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism? Well, most drug rehab programs would have you believe 30, 60 or 90 days. Researchers in the field of addiction recovery know that the initial threshold for addiction rehabilitation begins at the 90 day mark. After the first 90 days of drug rehab the recovering person exponentially strengthens their sobriety and builds upon the many gains they have made.

Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a long-term drug rehab program whose sole purpose is to help those in need of addiction rehabilitation and give them the life they were meant to have. Because they are part of a not for profit organization they have many areas they are able to excel in that other rehabs cannot hold a candle too. While other programs are cutting costs to line their pockets, Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s sole focus for their clients is providing the most effective care possible.

Many drug rehab programs are 30, 60 or 90 days long. Rainbow Canyon Retreat’s program takes as long as it takes for each client. While the majority of their clients complete the program in three to five months there are those who stay in treatment longer. Their time variable approach to drug addiction recovery ensures that each of their clients receives the most benefit out all parts of the program.

While this is not the most cost-effective or profit oriented way to run their business, Rainbow Canyon Retreat knows that it is the most effective way to get their client’s off drugs and alcohol. Each year they see more and more people enter their program overwhelmed by their addiction and seeking sobriety. Drug addiction and alcoholism are not problems that developed overnight. These long building issues take time, effort and determination to recover from. While the Rainbow Canyon Retreat program is not the quickest or easiest way to get off drugs it definitely the most successful one.

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Canyon Retreat Knows That Recovery Doesn’t Happen Overnight”

  1. As a former student here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat, I can say that this program truly does work. My family was truly blessed when they found out about this program. As a former meth addict for 12 years I had been to jail multiple times and had 2 felony charges on my record. I was doing just about anything I could to get money so I could get high. That included stealing money from my family. Before I came here I was on probation and attending an Intensive Outpatient Program 3 times a week, but even while doing this I was still getting high. The last time I went to jail was for failing a drug test. It was during this time in jail that my family found out about Rainbow Canyon Retreat and made the decision to send me here. After completing the program I made the decision to stay and intern and eventually become staff. I can say now that this program was a lifesaver!!

  2. “How long does it take to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism? Well, most drug rehab programs would have you believe 30, 60 or 90 days.” I feel like Rainbow Canyon Retreat is a step ahead in the addiction recovery business by not setting a time limit on a persons treatment program. They work with a person and their individual needs, it is not a cookie cutter program.
    My program at Rainbow Canyon Retreat took just about 4 months to complete. Which to some may seem like a long time but after 15 years of addiction, only 4 months to get my life by on track was nothing! I owe my life to Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon Fresh Start program. They helped me find joy and happiness in life without drugs, and for that I will be forever grateful!

  3. I think it is good that this program does not have a definite set time limit for treatment. Most drug rehab programs may be a set 30, 60, or 90 days, but there are many that are as short as only one or two weeks. This program is much better because it allows for true healing in as much time as necessary.

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