Sunshine Summit Lodge Using the Keys to Success

As a leader in the field of drug addiction rehabilitation, Sunshine Summit Lodge has found the keys to success in addiction recovery. Using the Narconon Fresh Start method of drug and alcohol rehabilitation the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge help their clients find lasting sobriety year after year. These keys to success have been utilized by the Narconon Fresh Start program centers since 1966 because they have proven to be the most effective means of addiction rehabilitation. Their programs are proud to share that they have one of the highest success rates in their field! This highly successful method of addiction recovery is known to be the best at getting results.

Sunshine Summit Lodge has seen graduate after graduate find lasting sobriety by using their keys to success. First of all, their program is not for profit. They also do not have a set time frame that their clients must complete the program by. This means that those who need more time in treatment to fully take in the information and life lessons are allowed this amenity. Those who run the program understand that each recovering person is an individual. As each client works through the recovery process the staff continually monitors their progress and adjusts accordingly.

As with all Narconon Fresh Start programs, the location of Sunshine Summit Lodge was chosen because of its distraction free setting and therapeutic environment. Located close to the popular Warner Hot Springs, this drug rehab facility is tucked back in the hills of Northern San Diego County. Clients and staff find they are able to fully focus on the task at hand; complete physical, mental and spiritual recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

A vital part of the program is the client’s participation in the Narconon New Life Detoxification method. Through using a specialized combination of nutritional supplements, fitness/exercise and time spent in the sauna clients find they are able to purify their bodies and clear their minds. The time one has spent abusing drugs or alcohol leaves deposits of toxins and drug residuals in their body. Sunshine Summit Lodge’s use of the Narconon New Life Detox process aids the removal of these toxins and drug residuals. Clients no longer experience drug cravings, are able to focus better, sleep better at night and find their overall physical health improves immensely once they have completed their detoxification process.

One thought on “Sunshine Summit Lodge Using the Keys to Success”

  1. “I feel so much better after doing the New Life Detoxification Program at Sunshine Summit Lodge. I feel better about my physical and mental health especially. Sleep doesn’t seem to be a problem at all anymore. I am getting back into shape and my communication with my family goes more smoothly now. I feel really good about life”


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