Breaking on through to the otherside

Throughout my life I have constantly looked for a purpose for myself, and always fell short. I battled a drug addiction for over 10 years that would never allow me to see a purpose and despise the existence of man. Through many different approaches to help me get a leg up on my addiction and kicked for good I always seemed to fall short and go back down the terrifying hole of my addiction. When I complete my program at Sunshine Summit Lodge that long dark terrifying hole that haunted me for all those years had been completely filled and Sunshine Summit Lodge helped me break on through to the otherside to never return. I have been sober for 4 years now and have found my purpose in life which has always been right in front me, which to live with happiness, my family and my urge to survive. This was all thanks to Sunshine Summit Lodge.

2 thoughts on “Breaking on through to the otherside”

  1. Right on, CLOS1989. I had much the same experience with my addiction. It took being destitute and homeless to light my fire on the way to recovery. I was the proverbial wild child living in the romanticised Hollywood strange days of a drug dream…it wasn’t reality. My family had almost given up on me, and if they were to gamble they would have probably given me five to one odds that I would end up dead or in jail. They thankfully didn’t give up on me and as a family we were able to ride the storm and they got me to Narconon. With all the help of the staff at Sunshine Summit, I was able to make it through the strange days and have reached the Indian summer of my life and can enjoy the moonlight drive to happiness, drug free and sober.

  2. When I came to Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge I had multiple drug addictions. I had accepted I would be going to the methadone clinic for the rest of my life. I was convinced that I could never get better. Fortunately my family found out about my problem and provided me a solution. Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge has changed my life!


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