Enjoying the Gains Made From the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program

I am enjoying the gains from sauna. I am sleeping better, my memory is coming back, I notice my surrounding environment more, also I have less anxiety .Our supervisor, and Micah takes great care of us and looks out for us to ensure we are gaining the full effects of sauna.
H. N.

A person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol does untold damage to their body in ways not visible to the naked eye. Drug metabolites tend to remain in the user’s fatty tissue for years after they have been consumed. It is vital that these toxins and drug residuals are removed so that they are not released back into the blood stream during times of stress triggering drug cravings and the potential for relapse. The Narconon Fresh Start New Life Detoxification Program is able to cleanse and purify our program participant’s bodies beyond what would be possible in such a brief period of time (on average 2-5 weeks spent in the New Life Detoxification Program).

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