Fresh Start Saved My Life

7 years ago is when my family first got in contact with Narconon Fresh Start. I wanted nothing to do with rehabilitation at that point and refused to talk to anyone and ran away from home due to my family non stop effort to get me into treatment. For 2 years on a regular basis my family stayed in contact with Narconon Fresh Start continuing their attempt to get me into a Narconon facility to save my life. After years of ignoring phone calls from Narconon Fresh Start it had come down to where I had gone down beneath having nothing to my name and no reason to live, I answered my phone and spoke with a representative from Narconon Fresh Start, throughout our conversation I began to see some hope to my current problems I was dealing with in my life. I accepted the help I was offered and got on the phone with my family and told my father I was ready to fix my life he arranged everything for me to arrive at Sunshine Summit Lodge and I was there with in 24 hours. Between my family and the Staff of Narconon Fresh Start and never giving up on me when I had already given up myself, I would not be here today with 5 years of sobriety, a family that I love and a purpose in life. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start for saving my life along with the thousands of others you have saved!

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