Narconon Fresh Start True Drug Rehabilitation Not Drug Substitution

What is more rewarding in life than to have figured out how have a great life and helping other to do the same. I have been so blessed for the past 36 years to witness the miracles that happen at Narconon, Sunshine Summit Lodge and Narconon Fresh Start. Parents that have not smiled in a long time because their child seems to be dying right in front of them and they feel helpless to remedy the situation. Parents that are afraid to pick up the phone because of what the news might be on the other end of the line. Parents that have not had a good night sleep in years. A Narconon staff member wake up everyday on a mission to bring happiness back to families.
Yes, helping people hooked on drugs the Narconon way is hard work. Most programs drug their clients with psychiatric drugs which might make the person subdued and easy to control but it still using drugs to mask the real problem or problems so the treatment center gets paid for drugging the person but the person goes right back to using drugs in short order. What a racket, a racket that rarely gets a positive result other than a nice bank account for the proprietors.
A livingness problem like, being shy, being anxious, marital problems, problems in school, fear of change. All of these normal things that go with living must be faced up to if we are to have a happy successful life. Mind Altering Drugs whether they are illegal and in particular psychiatric drugs stop us from confronting and overcoming the obstacles that we must handle to truly achieve our goals and dreams. After all what more is there to being happy in life than having dreams and reaching them. What I tell you I learned at Narconon after every other place I went to drugged me so that I was an obedient customer, and collect a small fortune from my family.
I applaud all of the honest, amazing people that work at Narconon for swimming up stream to help people truly confront their problems and solve them without drugs so that they can bring into view a new life with dreams and the ability to reach them without drugs because of what they learned at Narconon.

I have 2 sisters one brother also that owe the wonderful lives that they have to God, My Mom and Dad and Narconon.


You guys are the best




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