The Power Within!!!

The power of the human spirit is an amazing thing to behold! Day-in and day-out the students here at Sunshine Summit Lodge find the strength to do what is necessary to repair their lives and return home to their loved ones drug-free and whole. It isn’t easy nor is it painless. It has nothing to do with giving in or letting go. It has everything to do with the power of choice; everything to do with taking control; everything to do with taking a good, hard look in the mirror and saying “I can do this!” The Holidays are hard on everyone but it is also the time when you see the strength of the human spirit shine through with the hope that the next Holiday season will be spent drug-free with loved ones! Awesome!

2 thoughts on “The Power Within!!!”

  1. What better Christmas gift than a family made whole again, as a parent in tears of joy once said to Christina. I could not believe that I was at my son’s wedding, before he went to Narconon Fresh Start I thought I would be attending his funeral.

    Thanks to all the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge for touching lives far beyond your treatment center.

  2. The holiday season is upon us and it makes it very difficult when we are away from loved ones. It can be particularly hard when you are not around your family to enjoy the holiday, especially if you are seeking treatment. The best thing to do is remember where we came from and where we are going. I always think about all those holidays that I was “with” my family during my addiction. Those holidays are hard to remember because I was too high, too drunk, sitting in jail or too sick to even participate in the festivities. Safe to say, whether I was physically present during the holidays or not, I was mentally and emotionally absent because of my addiction. I did spend a few holidays away from my family while I was in treatment but I looked at it like an investment. If I had to spend one or two holidays away from my loved ones while I made myself better, it was well worth it because that meant I’d get to spend the rest of the holidays with my family for the rest of my life. So take the time to improve your lives and really make some changes while you are at Sunshine Summit Lodge so that you will never have to spend another holiday away from your loved ones.

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