Sunshine Summit Lodge Strives to Combat Addiction

“The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge are some of the most understanding, knowledgeable, and professional individuals that I have ever met.  Every person that works here has so much compassion for the residents that come into the program.  From my first day on withdrawal until my graduation day, I was surrounded with warm-hearted and positive people who are dedicated to freeing the residents from the plague of addiction.  Whenever I felt like life was too hard or too confusing I was always able to talk to the Sunshine Summit Lodge staff and they’d make me feel so much better because they put everything in perspective.  I have been to several rehabs in my lifetime and none of them even come close to what the program at Sunshine Summit Lodge has to offer.  I had tried the 12 Step programs, the religious programs, and the rational recovery programs and none of them made sense to me or kept me clean for more than a few weeks.  I finally came to Sunshine Summit Lodge and changed my life.  The staff and the program really focus on the individual and address the root of the addiction.  I was able to see that my addiction was treatable and that I wasn’t powerless. However, I never would have been able to fix my life or address my addiction if it wasn’t for the staff.  The people working at Sunshine Summit Lodge are a godsend and they have truly blessed my life.  Thank you for all of your support and guidance.”


3 thoughts on “Sunshine Summit Lodge Strives to Combat Addiction”

  1. You couldn’t have said it any better happyandfree78/J.R. The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge are a wonderful group of people. The put their hearts and souls into every client that they receive and they want only the best for everyone. They helped me in so many ways and they helped my family as well. They really know what they are doing there and they really know how to help people fight their addictions. The staff are very professional and yet they are very compassionate in a sense that you know you are getting treatment but you feel like they are your brother or sister because they have such a high care-factor. The people of Sunshine Summit Lodge are a solid group of individual and they do truly amazing things. I don’t know if I’d be where I am today without the compassion and efforts of those lovely souls.

  2. I agree with your post happyandfree78. The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge are very special, dedicated and professional people. They know how to deal with people who are trying to get clean and sober and they are great at changing peoples lives. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the staff from Sunshine Summit Lodge. They got me through some very hard times and they helped me get my life together. The Narconon program and the people at Sunshine Summit Lodge are the best! Thank you for everything!

  3. I agree, the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge are very special individuals. Helping people is not a job to them, it is their passion. I have rarely seen such dedication and professional care give in the mental health field. The Narconon Fresh Start Program is the greatest journey that a person abusing drugs to get through life can take. It is a journey that ends in a happy, drug free life and a new appreciation for the things in life that are truly important. Many Thanks, To all of the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge for helping people make the amazing journey to a new life.

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