2 Christmas’s sober and counting…

I’m very thankful I came to Narconon Fresh Start 2 years ago.

Before I came to Narconon, all I cared about was the poison I was using, and how to get more.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been able to focus on whats most important, my family, and my future.

The unique thing about this program is that everyone that works there has been through the program themselves.

They know exactly what your going through, and how to help you through it.

this program gave me back my life, Thanks Narconon Fresh Start.

One thought on “2 Christmas’s sober and counting…”

  1. Congratulations! This will be my third Christmas since I attended Narconon, and it will be my 3rd Christmas sober!
    I would Like to Wish everyone at Narconon Fresh Start a merry Christmas and thank you all of you for the hard work and dedication. It is that hard work and dedication that gave me the tools and the ability to be drug free for over 3 years now!

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