A New Outlook from Sunshine Summit Lodge

I remember Christmas Eve five years ago…I had no hope and all I could do was continually check my cell phone to see if my dealer had returned my text. The only joy I had on that day was false. I masked all the pain I had with a little brown piece of tar, overdosing at Christmas dinner in front of all my family and my children. Despite that embarrassment and pain it caused to my loved ones it still took me a full two months before my sister picked me up, homeless and on the streets, a destitute criminal and brought me to Narconon. There I learned the skills to confront my past transgressions and was given the tools to truly rebuild my life. Five years down the road, Christmas time is a time of joy for me, a time to look back and be proud of all the new relationships I’ve made and all the old ones I’ve repaired. I am truly thankful for the gift I was given and the dedication of the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge who helped me get clean and sober and whose tools I still use to this day. Thank you, Sunshine Summit Lodge and Narconon Fresh Start! I would not be seeing what I see on this Christmas day without you. You truly do save lives!

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