A Very Merry Christmas To All Narconon Fresh Start Staff

We hope that all of the staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge, Fort Collins New Life Center, Texas Lonestar Victory Ranch, Rainbow Canyon Retreat and Huntington Harbor House have the best Christmas Ever! Your hard work and dedication has resulted in loved ones returning home drug free and whole again for Christmas. It is such an honor to work with such extraordinary people and we want you to know how much we appreciate all that you do for others.

God Bless All Of You,

Much Love,

Narconon Fresh Start Executives and Staff

3 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas To All Narconon Fresh Start Staff”

  1. Thanks to Rainbow Canyon Retreat, not only was I able to enjoy a productive, fruitful Christmas, but not as the new year continues onwards, I am enjoying it happily as well as free from the oppression of drugs.

    I am glad to know that the work I do will help others to achieve the same success, and that they too, will be able to enjoy the years to come, free from substance abuse and addiction.

  2. I hope all the Narconon Fresh Start staff and all of the centers had a wonderful holiday season. If it were not for their hard work and dedication I would not have just enjoyed my fourth drug free holiday season. Thanks to the staff at Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon Fresh Start program I was able to enjoy the Holidays clean and sober with my family. It is truly a great program, and the program have me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, my sobriety. They also taught me how to repair my relationships with my family that i had hurt during my drug use. Because of The Fresh Start program I have my sobriety and my family back! thanks again!

  3. If it was not for this program, and its methods which saved me from the destructive use of drugs, I would not even be able to enjoy the privilege of enjoying Christmas. I am very thankful of this fact and realize how much worse off I would be if I did not allow this program to help me stop abusing my life’s privileges.

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