Narconon Fresh Start 2012 Drug Education Expansion Project

This year 2012, Narconon Fresh Drug Education hit highest ever drug education lectures delivered. Drug abuse is destroying the lives of far to many young men and women in our society and not nearly enough is being done to prevent it. In order to effectively solve a problem of the proportion of teen drug abuse, the effort put forth toward solving the problem must be greater than the effort that is causing the problem. Therefore, we at Narconon Fresh Start realize that we must work tirelessly to educate kids about drugs so that when the time comes and they have to make the choice whether to use drugs or not, they make the right choice. In 2008 Narconon Fresh Start conducted a survey on over fifty thousand teens that had used at sometime in the past or were currently usings commonly abused drugs such as, tobacco, marijuana and alcohol to name a few. According to our survey the number one reason that these teens tried drugs was CURIOSITY. Narconon Fresh Start Drug Education Lecture, The Truth About Drugs answers the questions that kids have about drugs so that they know the scientific truth about the effects of different drugs on the mind and the body so that their curiosity is satisfied and with that out of the way they can say no thank you, when it comes to using drugs.

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