Throughout the years, Narconon Fresh Start has donated to those in need during the Holiday Season.

Last year, the Sunshine Summit Lodge Executive Director decided to reinstitute a new Narconon Toys for Tots drive with the help of the staff of Narconon Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Caliente, NV.  The Sunshine Summit Lodge staff all pitched in, collecting approximately $2000 and purchased 200 Toys for the Caliente Toys for Tots program.  Sunshine Summit Lodge staff volunteered to help give out the toys at the Toys for Tots distribution event and the Executive Director got into the Christmas spirit by taking on the role of Santa while the other staff became Santa’s helpers.

During the Holiday Season of 2012, the staff a Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge, the staff of Narconon Rainbow Canyon Retreat and the Narconon Fresh Start Corporate Office combined to raise over $4200 for the Toys for Tots programs in Caliente, NV; Vista, CA; and for the Warner Resource Center in Warner Springs, CA.

At Narconon Rainbow Canyon Retreat, the Senior Director for Administration , headed up the Narconon Toys for Tots drive in Caliente, NV this year.  Staff members volunteered to hand out toys to the kids at the Toys for Tots event in Caliente.  The Rainbow Canyon Retreat staff really enjoyed seeing the joy in the kid’s faces as they received their gifts.

The Director of Community Relations, for Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge, presented a check for $500 to the director of the Warner Community Resource Center for their Christmas toy drive, while also delivering 300 toys to the Toys for Tots drop off center in Vista, CA. The donated toys will go to the children of wounded military veterans of the Wounded Warriors program.  The Vista Toys for Tots program director was very pleased with the large donation of toys and gave Sunshine Summit Lodge a Toys for Tots Commander’s Award recognizing the program and its staff for their contribution.

Narconon Fresh Start and our center’s staff enjoy giving back to their communities and appreciate all of the community support they receive in return.

Sunshine Summit Lodge - Toys For Tots Certificate

Sunshine Summit Lodge Toys For Tots Volunteers


  1. I can’t say enough about how amazing it is that Narconon Fresh Start contributed to the Marine Toys for Tots Program. I feel honored because I was not only a part of the U.S. Marine Corp but also a graduate of the Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge program. I did my program at Sunshine Summit Lodge a little over 5 years ago and my life couldn’t be better today. I was so grateful that I got to spend this holiday and the past four holidays with my two sons and I did so completely sober and clean. I had put my wife and my kids through the ringer because of my problem with alcohol and pills but that is all over and my life and my family are in a much better place today. I wish I could say the same for all of my brothers in arms but unfortunately a lot of them are suffering from the same ailments that I went through or worse. However, I know that because of Narconon Fresh Start contribution to the Marine Toys for Tots program there were a lot of happy children who had a Merry Christmas.
    For all those who are suffering from drug and alcohol problems or have loved ones who are, please know that help is possible because I am living proof. The Narconon program at Sunshine Summit Lodge has given me my life back and it can do the same for anyone.

  2. We are all very fortunate for what we have. There are so many children that do not have even the basics needs to survive. It is hard to believe that in this time and place that there are thousands of children that die of starvation each day in the United States and in countries around the world. We need to do much more to make it a reality that no child will die because they are hungry.

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