Learning Life Skills at Fort Collins New Life Center

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol they often lose the part of themselves that is ethical and moral. The part of themselves that operates based on the greater good and using personal values to make choices in their life. Instead, the addicted person functions primarily by manipulating the people and situations around them in order to “feed” their addiction. By doing so, they participate in actions they are not proud of and say things they often regret.

When a client enters the Fort Collins New Life Center their responsibility level is at an all-time-low. They have hurt those they love the most by doing and saying things they now regret. The recovering person carries with them the guilt, anger and shame from their previous drug using behavior. These feelings need to be addressed and worked through in order for complete rehabilitation to take place.

A significant part of the Fort Collins New Life Center is their life skills rehabilitation technology. Program participants confront their past issues by looking at them closely, talking about them, writing about them and finally taking responsibility for them. This helps them move on in their recovery process so they can begin to make amends for their past actions. Through our rehabilitation program our clients gain communication skills better than they ever had before. They learn to confront life and tackle obstacles and barriers without turning to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope or escape.

Graduates of the Fort Collins New Life Center are able to control themselves and the environment around them. This prevents them from falling into bad situations and aids them in choosing positive people to surround themselves. The final section of the Fort Collins New Life Center’s life skills course empowers the program participant to be responsible for how they handle difficult situations that come up once they graduate from the program and begin their day-to-day life.

One thought on “Learning Life Skills at Fort Collins New Life Center”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The things a person does to get drugs and all the negative behaviors that go along with it, the lying and manipulating actually does as much damage to the person as the drugs themselves. This is because the person innately knows right from wrong and good from bad. When they commit these transgressions to obtain drugs each time it tears a little piece off of them and the guilt and shame of what they have done accumulates to the point where a person becomes just a shell of the person they were before. The wrongdoings a person has done to get drugs and get high and the negative emotions associated with them is one of the two main causes of relapse. That is why it is so important to use Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy, or the reliving of these events where they can write about them, talk about them, and take responsibility for there actions becomes so important in the rehabilitation process. Narconon Fresh Start realizes this and has each individual go back and look at their transgressions and the program participant is able to get relief by going back and taking responsibility for their actions. The result is a person free of guilt, anger and shame, who now has restored morals and ethics and a higher level of personal inegrity and responsibility. This is not an easy or quick process and can sometimes be tedious but it is extremly important and effective to the individual to keep their sobriety and be themselves!

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