Preventing Drug Relapse at Lonestar Victory Ranch

Today, many drug rehab programs are not able to help their clients achieve lasting sobriety. These facilities are likely doing their best but are just not hitting the mark in terms of addressing their client’s complete recovery needs. Sadly, there are some drug treatment centers and drug rehab programs that have deduced that “relapse is part of recovery”. What a negative treatment model for their clients to attempt to recover under.

Lonestar Victory Ranch knows that drug and alcohol relapse should not be expected and are not part of their client’s recovery process. Relapse stems from one of two causes with the first being physical cravings and compulsions to use drugs or alcohol. The second cause of relapse is the built up guilt, anger and shame over the recovering person’s past transgressions.

Program participants address the first cause of relapse by completing Lonestar Victory Ranch’s New Life Detoxification Program. This highly effective detoxification method removes the remaining drug residuals from the cells in their body, effectively eliminating the urge to use drugs on a physical level. This process would typically take the client’s body years to complete on their own but with the New Life Detoxification Program they are able to see and feel results in two to five weeks.

Lonestar Victory Ranch has structured their rehabilitation program in a way that gives their clients the time, attention and education to work through their past transgressions. Clients talk about, write about and take responsibility for their actions by re-living each indiscretion and seeing the consequences and effects of their actions on the people and family members around them. Next the program participant makes amends for their actions which helps to “free” them from the guilt, anger and shame they carry with them.

They will go on to learn social, relationship, coping and life skills to help them handle problems in the future without turning to drugs or alcohol. The Lonestar Victory Ranch program addresses each part of the program participant’s life. The education they receive while in treatment works to rebuild them to be an ethical, responsible, drug-free contributing member of their community.

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