Why The Narconon Fresh Start Program Works

A person with a drug or alcohol abuse problem is doing what they are doing because that is all that they know to do to escape from whatever problem they are trying to escape from. With this in mind, the first thing that you have to do to help a drug or alcohol abuser is to help them to stop drinking or using drugs. Once the person has achieved that and they are now substance free, eating well, sleeping well and any health issues that might be present have been addressed and resolved, at that point the appropriate steps would be to help the person to rehabilitate abilities that are vital to anyone’s daily life that have been lost because of their addiction, like, how to confront daily life without drugs, how to repair relationships, how to resolve feelings of guilt and shame, how to deal with problems that are sure to arise in day to day life, how to deal with and manage past negative memories when they trigger so that they do not reenact past events, renew ethics and morals in their life, achieve a greater understanding of oneself in order to better solve problems and succeed in all areas of ones life.

Narconon Fresh Start applies all of the above holistic, therapeutic principles to it’s clients because it works. It works so well that in about 3 to 4 month the person has corrected the drug and/or alcohol abuse problem permanently and can move on to a new life, equipped with the vital problem solving skills and abilities regained to play the game of life and win at it without drugs.

The Narconon Fresh Start’s Cognitive Therapy, Life Skill Education, Life Rehabilitation Treatment Model may require a lot of hard work, examining and confronting ones life but the payoff is unmatched when compared to any diseased based treatment model .

2 thoughts on “Why The Narconon Fresh Start Program Works”

  1. My brother and I went through the Narconon Fresh Start program. He went through it a little over two tears ago and I went through it last year. He and I are only three years apart in age and growing up we both got involved in using pills and other drugs. I saw how he and I were slowly deteriorating and after some legal troubles my brother decided to go to Narconon Fresh Start. He returned home from the program a little over three months later and I couldn’t believe the changes in him. He was like a brand new man. The way he acted and his initiative to be productive and do good was really something else. He immediately got a job, got a new girlfriend, and he and my parents started to really get along. I saw all of this and the changes that he had made and I looked at myself and I felt like such a loser. I was his older sister I should have been setting a good example for him and here he was showing me a thing or two. I didn’t want to be the bad apple in the family anymore and I wanted to make my family proud of me so I decided that I wanted to go through the program as well. My parents and my brother totally supported me and sent me on my way. Three months later I returned home and I felt like a million bucks. I was a whole new woman, a whole new daughter and a whole new sister. Everything in my life came together and most importantly, my family came together as one cohesive unit again. Today my brother and I are kicking ass and taking names and we are both drug free. My parents are so proud of us and we are proud of ourselves. Narconon Fresh Start was a great choice and my family wouldn’t be waht it is today without that program.

  2. The way the Narconon program is set up is really cool. I had never done a treatment program before but I was really glad that going to Narconon was my first and last program. I did the Narconon program at Sunshine Summit Lodge and I was really happy about having the opportunity to go there. I knew I had a problem with drugs but i had no idea how to fix it. The program taught me so much about how important it is to take care of my body and mind, get my understanding of ethics and morals in check, and to fully address the bad stuff that has happened to me in the past. I was able to not only fix my life but I also got an education on how to keep myself from falling back into bad behavior. I really enjoyed the Narconon program and the staff there was awesome.

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