Sunshine Summit Lodge’s New Life Detoxification Program is an essential part of addiction rehabilitation

Narconon Fresh Start Drug DetoxThe New Life Detoxification Program is a unique and vital part of the addiction rehabilitation offered at Sunshine Summit Lodge.  The New Life Detoxification Program is designed to help individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction by cleansing out the toxins that are accumulated in the body from using drugs and drinking alcohol.  There are a wide variety of toxins that are a part of  the chemical composition of drugs and alcohol that are not readily digested or metabolized by the body.  Instead these toxins store in the fatty tissues of the body and can be released during times of stress and re-stimulation which often result in cravings and relapse.  During the course of the New Life Detoxification Program individuals take a regimen of vitamins and minerals to help cleanse the body and mind so that the toxins are being flushed out and replaced with natural and holistic supplements.  This is also very important because the use of illicit substances and alcohol burn up and destroy the natural vitamin reserves within the body causing one to feel anxious, depressed, nervous, and a general feeling of fatigue.  Therefore, taking vitamin and mineral supplements are an integral part of repairing the body and mind.  The New Life Detoxification Program is one of the first parts of the overall Narconon Program at Sunshine Summit Lodge.  This is done so that the body and mind can be restored and rehabilitated so that the individuals can then go on to address their addictions with a clean body and a clear mind.

19 thoughts on “Sunshine Summit Lodge’s New Life Detoxification Program is an essential part of addiction rehabilitation”

  1. Since I was 12 I have had lime disease, I could barely think strait, simple tasks would easily get messed up; I would put dishes in the clothes washer and laundry in the sink. My mind and its thought process were like shorted circuits. I started the sauna treatment and had a bit of a hard time sitting still but after the first 6 days everyone noticed me improving, people could understand me. I could have non interrupted thoughts unlike before the sauna where everything in my mind was garbled.
    After I had finished the sauna I was like a different person, the drug residuals, along with the symptoms from the toxic buildup of lime disease had disappeared.
    The staff had a lot of patience and really helped me through.


  2. At first when I started the sauna I was a bit skeptical on how much sweating could help with cravings, after the first 3 days I could feel a difference, I wasn’t fighting myself like when I first arrived, the cravings got weaker every day and I started to feel like the person I once was. I learned to have patience, how to be comfortable with myself and not pretend to be someone I’m not. I guess the best way put it is I came out of my shell and liked who I found. I learned it’s better to be honest with myself and you can make real friends and stop lying. I later learned in the program how to read others behaviors and traits so I can tell if they are a good or bad person, and make an informed decision on if this person should be in my life of not.
    I don’t have to worry about leaving that up to fate, I’ve learned the most important thing so far… not only how to control myself but how to be at cause over the path of my life.
    It’s a great feeling to know I’m the one in control of my future and not some poison.
    Thank you all staff at sunshine summit lodge for helping me find myself.


  3. Sauna was relaxing; I enjoyed my time in there getting my body right. I had a lot of fun playing chess with a good friend I met in there. After finishing the sauna I was full of energy, felt free of toxins, and all the aches and cramps I had been experiencing from the drugs had vanished. I wake up early in the morning alert and ready to get going.
    The best way I can explain how I feel is Restored, Rejuvenated, and Reborn. I’m ready to tackle the rest of my program and lead a successful and sober life.
    Thanks Sunshine Summit Lodge.


  4. The Sauna program helped me feel healthier than I have in years.
    I have a clear head and a healthy body. I’m so glad there is a program out there that has the ability to release the toxins and years of accumulated poisons.
    I feel like I’ve been set free from the drug personality that had taken over my life.
    My outlook on life is bright and I feel a good future ahead of me.


  5. The Sauna program at sunshine summit lodge helped me start anew…

    Sauna was great not only did it make me feel better, but it cleared my senses: food tastes better; I can enjoy the smell of things. I don’t just sit around craving drugs anymore; I’m excited to say I have the will to participate in life now more than ever.
    I’ve been exercising and going on hikes, playing volleyball, and just enjoying life. I used to get out of breath so easy, I stopped smoking after sauna and that made a big difference as well.


  6. I was in the sauna for 3 weeks and I’ll admit this was time very well spent.
    I’ve never felt better in my life then I do today, better than before I did drugs.
    As an added bonus I look a bit younger, my skin was dry and pale, now its soft moist and looks healthy. Thanks for helping me get my body strait.


  7. After completing the sauna portion of the program my IQ raised by 7 points!
    The clarity of my mind and my thought process had improved drastically.
    I can’t believe what a difference I feel in my mind and body.
    I got my sleep and my appetite back and am ready to learn from the rest of the program.
    Sauna was a great experience; I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.


  8. At first when I got to Narconon I wasn’t sure what to expect from the sauna.
    Everyone I talked to told me it makes you feel like a new person, better than before you used drugs or drank.
    I had a hard time imagining how that would feel because I had been using for most of my life.
    I didn’t understand how siting in a hot box and simply sweating could do much of anything.
    I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumptions, soon after getting into the sauna I learned how much there was to the program and how much work and research had gone into the development of it. Filling your body with nourishing vitamins, minerals and supplements, replacing the drug laden fat with healthy natural oils, and how the combination of all these things work together to clean out your body and allow you to feel well and whole again.
    I loved my time in the sauna, I had a blast playing games, and getting to know the people in there with me. After the 4th day in sauna I actually was hungry for vegetables and healthy food, and I could sleep through the night, and the unexplainable discomforts and anger I had, started to slowly fade away. I truly can attest to the miraculous difference of how I felt before and after finishing the sauna.
    My family could hear the difference in my voice when I would call them and how I had more patience and respect.
    I believe anyone out there suffering from addiction or just has polluted their body over the years should seriously consider this program.

    Thanks Narconon,


  9. When I first arrived at Narconon, I felt lost, confused and completely disoriented.
    All I could think about was getting more poison and using it to dull the very same horrible feelings I was creating!
    I made it into the sauna and started to feel the sickness fade away.
    The aches and sweats, the cravings and thoughts, the drug persona that had taken over the person I once was, got weaker every day. Finely: I felt like myself again.
    The cloud of toxins that I had filled my body and brain with had departed.
    My eyes had been opened and I felt I had received a 2nd chance in life, to actually do something worthwhile and live life in reality, not a nightmare of despair and avoidance.
    Thanks for helping me get a fresh start in life.


  10. I really enjoyed the sauna program.
    I got my body right, the toxins out, and feel over all much better than I expected.
    Before the sauna I had a very hard time sleeping; now I can sleep throughout the night UN interrupted. I never thought I would be able to get quality rest like I have the last few nights. I feel focused and am excited to be alive and healthy.


  11. Since I started the sauna program, I feel so much better, my mind, eyes and skin have all improved and cleared up. I have no urge to use drugs and am excited to continue the rest of the program.


  12. After finishing the sauna program, I noticed that not only do I feel better, but I’m more aware of life, I can smell things better than I have in years. I no longer feel wooden like life isn’t real. I feel like I have my quality of life back.


  13. I got a lot out of sauna.
    My mind feels sharper than ever and I feel smarter.
    I had a lot of lost memories as far back as my childhood return.
    My skin tone looks healthy. I feel better than I have for years.


  14. Give me a chance to get sober without physical cravings…

    Sauna was amazing!
    Not only do I feel cleansed inside and out, but my vision seems to have improved,
    I feel clear headed and able to think strait again.
    I’m so grateful for this program, I searched around and wasn’t able to find any other program that could so comprehensively clean the toxins out of my body and give me a chance to get sober without physical cravings.
    The sauna was the key to my success!


  15. This program helped me turn my life around.
    After three weeks In sauna, I felt fantastic, I’ve never felt this great mentally and physically. My mind has returned, and I no longer feel numb to the world.
    I am once again a creative and energetic, caring young man that I once was.
    This is a great feeling, Thanks Narconon!


  16. My eyes cleared up…

    When I first arrived I didn’t feel my greatest, my sleep was broken, I had cold sweats, couldn’t think and my attitude and outlook on life was poor.
    After doing the sauna program and sweating out the toxins, the days became easier and easier, I started to feel like myself again I could think clearly, and had energy to work out.
    Another amazing thing was my eyes cleared up and the marks on my skin faded.
    I stopped smoking while doing the sauna; it only took 3 days till cigarettes had no appeal anymore.
    I would recommend sauna to anyone.


  17. No more cravings for Alcohol…

    The sauna did great things for me; before I got into the sauna I couldn’t stop thinking about drinking.
    After I finished, I felt healthy again, didn’t feel the need to drink, and have no more desire to do so again.
    I feel so much better, and know I can go back to work not worrying about losing my job do to alcohol.


  18. Feeling bright and happy…

    The sauna program was very helpful and invigorating.
    Going through the sauna made me feel brighter and happier.
    Emotionally I don’t think about drugs, or about all the bad things that go along with it.
    I wake up feeling fully rested and refreshed.
    I feel much better.


  19. Got my body right…

    I feel great to be rid of all the drugs and toxins from my system.
    I know this is why I had such a hard time staying clean before, I didn’t get my body right.
    I feel like my good old self again, and have more energy than I have for a very long time.
    I would recommend this program for anyone with drug or alcohol problems.
    Thanks for everything!!


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