Before I came to Sunshine Summit Lodge, I had lost who I was…

I had been using meth for 4 years and accumulated significant damage to my mind along with my appearance. I wasn’t allowed to come into my parents’ house anymore as I had continually stolen from them, I pawned their wedding rings. I would have to stand on the porch and wait for them to come out. I didn’t think anyone could help me stop this self-destructive behavior that had taken over me.

My parents called me over one night and told me about Narconon and their program.

It all sounded good but I didn’t think I was able to be helped, my dad convinced me to go and I’m so glad I did.

I soon arrived and learned how to have patience, how to communicate with others in a proper manner, and how to face problems head on, and deal with them correctly instead of running away from them. I then got into the sauna and was able to sweat the toxins out of my body. After the first week I started to mellow out and feel more relaxed and not so on edge. I used to consistently feel like murder and mayhem; this slowly faded away and disappeared. I started feeling better every day; my parents came out to visit me and could tell the difference.

I finished the program and have been working for my father for the past 2 months.

I haven’t had any cravings or desires to touch drugs again.

Thanks Narconon.


2 thoughts on “Before I came to Sunshine Summit Lodge, I had lost who I was…”

  1. It’s really cool hearing about all the changes that people have undergone while partaking in the Sunshine Summit Lodge program. I know that I went through a gauntlet of changes when i did my program and I am so appreciative of life and everything since I have completed. I’m glad to hear about the other people that are changing their lives and becoming better people. I think it is important to remember where we came from and learn from it so that we can effectively move forward. For the people who are out there that have not gotten help or who are considering their options I would strongly encourage you to participate in the Narconon Program at Sunshine Summit Lodge. The differences in your life will be visible and very noticeable and you won’t regret having done the program because you get so much back in return. There are a lot of people here at Past The Tipping Point that are sharing their stories and their success, and it could be anyone out there who is in need of help. If you are interested in a better life and you want to feel great about life and not have to depend on drugs then I’d recommend getting involved in the Narconon program. It saved my life and it can save yours as well.

  2. I completed the sauna program and feel great, I feel energetic happy and just full of life again. My emotions were a mess and now have cleared up and I can think strait.
    I can’t believe how different I feel and see the world; it was dreamlike and now feels real.
    Thanks to all the staff at Narconon for helping me.


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