Feeling a Thousand Times Better

Well I come into this program not really sure what to expect. Now I have completed my withdrawal and book 1. I am feeling a thousand times better and am full of energy again. The first week in withdrawal was hard and tiresome. Once I got into book 1 I learned about the program and started to get comfortable with my surroundings. Now I am about to face the sauna. I am excited and can’t wait for sauna, life is good. I am glad I made it to this program for if not I might not be in a place where I feel well. In fact I know I would not be in any place or peace of mind like I am.
B. D.

The Fort Collins New Life Center helps drug addicts and alcoholics find the peace and inner strength to stop using and learn to live a life of sobriety. Through their series of specialized courses clients learn valuable life lessons that may have eluded them before their enrollment in treatment. These life skill courses educate and prepare the program participant for the day-to-day challenges they will face when they leave drug rehab.

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