Follow Up Care You Can Count On

Graduates of the Sunshine Summit Lodge drug and alcohol rehabilitation program are provided with continued follow up care once they complete the program. The Narconon Fresh Start program at the Sunshine Summit Lodge is designed so that graduates are given the care and attention they require during their first year of recovery. Included in the program is a comprehensive long-term follow-up plan to assist the graduates during this sometimes rocky period after treatment.

The follow up program at Sunshine Summit Lodge includes regular communication with not only the graduate, but their family members too. These phone calls and communications help the staff to monitor and quickly address any issues in the graduates stability and/or progress after they complete and leave the program. If any issues do arise for the graduate the staff will provide special assistance to help them address and work through the problem so they can maintain their sobriety.

Additionally, if a graduate from the Sunshine Summit Lodge finds that they are experiencing difficulties with drug cravings or relapse within the first six months of completing the program they should return to the facility free of charge to participate in an advanced treatment review. Keep in mind, the Narconon Fresh Start program has a high success rate at true drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. With such an exceptional success rate and a follow up program as comprehensive as the one Sunshine Summit Lodge offers it is a wonder why anyone would choose to go elsewhere.

One thought on “Follow Up Care You Can Count On”

  1. The aftercare program from Sunshine Summit Lodge is really helpful. Before I left the program I sat down with a counselor and went over all of the plans that I had for when I left. We decided what would be good and what would be not so good, we put in applications, made a resume, and really got the ball rolling for me being prepared when I left the program. We also went over the plans with my family so that we were all on the same page regarding what I was going to be doing after the program. Then when I graduated and went home it was really easy to get the ball moving in better direction because I had it planned out already and ready to get moving. I stayed in communication with my family and the counselors at Sunshine Summit Lodge and I got a job and staring paying rent and saving money for school. I would get calls from my counselor at Sunshine Summit Lodge on a regular basis to make sure I was doing good and I could always talk to her about something if I had any questions or concerns. It was really nice to see how the staff from the program were involved in my aftercare and it made the world of difference when I was putting my life back together. It is a great program and they really cover all aspects of addiction and addiction prevention.

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