Gave our Students Another Voice of Reason

The students and staff of W__ High School would like to thank Narconon Fresh Start’s Drug Education department for sponsoring our guest speaker, Tony. The students in our health classes enjoyed the presentations.

Tony combines humor with detailed information to a very serious subject. The students responded well to Tony’s lesson. The presentations educated our students on what certain drugs can do to the body and what difficulties and challenges people face when they are using drugs. Also discussed was the alarming rate of people who are looking for treatment for addiction and just can’t get it.

The students asked very detailed questions and Tony did a great job of answering the questions in an informative manner. The presentations gave our students another voice of reason on how dangerous and damaging experimenting with drugs can become.

We would like to once again thank Narconon Fresh Start for this generous opportunity.

Sincerely, JK

Health Sciences Chair W___  High School

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