Getting More Out of Rehab

At the Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab program our clients are getting more out of their rehab experience than just coming off drugs or alcohol. They are learning valuable life lessons that will forever change their perspective on life and how they conduct themselves from here on out. The process of addiction recovery is more than just going through drug withdrawal and attending counseling or meetings to discuss why you became an addict. To fully recover from your addiction you need several key areas addressed: withdrawal, total body purification, an education on life skills and techniques to assist you in your daily life and a plan with achievable goals for your future.

Clients of the Rainbow Canyon Retreat become more than just program participants when they enroll in the Narconon Fresh Start drug rehabilitation program. They become students learning the necessary tools and lessons needed to become productive, ethical and purpose driven individuals looking to live the life they were always intended to have. The life skills courses students work through while in the program include: The Learning Improvement Course, The Communications and Perceptions Course, The Ups and Downs in Life Course, The Personal Values and Integrity Course, The Changing Conditions in Life Course and The Way to Happiness Course.

Each course they progress through builds upon the one before it further strengthening their understanding of the key principles of living a healthy, ethical life. When they have completed each of these life skills courses the student will perform a final program review. The final program review goes over all of the material they have been working on during their time in treatment. Their case supervisor will ensure that they have a full and working knowledge of all the phases of the program and that they understand how to apply what they have learned to their life when they return home.

Next, they will create a life plan for after they return home. This life plan will include personal goals and expectations for themselves that they will work on achieving. Their plain will be reviewed and agreed upon by their case supervisor providing it has the maximum potential for the student’s success.

3 thoughts on “Getting More Out of Rehab”

  1. Reading this entry again truly confirms my positive feelings towards this program and its wonderful benefits. I knew that I would not regret choosing to stay and work with this program, and to this day, that has proved to be entirely true. It was a really good choice, and I feel fulfilled in the fact that I am able to give back through my help.

  2. I agree, it is so awesome to see an active community posting the success they have gained after attending the Narconon Fresh Start program. It is great that everyone can come here and share their experiences with the Narconon program. It is truly a great program that saved my life!

  3. I am very proud and happy to know that this site exists, and is everyday gaining realistic posts, comments, as well as outside readers. It is good that the wonderful success achieved here can be shared by everyone and that people in the public have access to this information so that they know what we are doing and how they can be a part of it.

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