It Makes Me Want To Stay Away From Drugs

I thought the Narconon talk was very informative and shocking because of all the statistics and truth that was conveyed. I think this talk should be spread though other schools and maybe not just in health classes because many teens are not aware of the dangers.

My thoughts about drugs changed because I didn’t really know what all the drugs were made of which really shocked me. It makes me more informed and cautious with drugs and ultimately makes me want to stay away. I can use this information for myself in a way to stay away from drugs and also as a reference on how to tell if people are on drugs and what they are going through. I can also inform others of the dangers of drug abuse.

11th Grade Student

2 thoughts on “It Makes Me Want To Stay Away From Drugs”

  1. Thank you Ronin9821! I obviously agree…we HAVE to prepare our youngsters before the drug dealers get them hooked!!

  2. I think it is very admirable that Narconon Fresh Start is trying to prevent drug use before it even begins by doing drug prevention education in schools. I wish that there was more drug prevention education going on in today’s schools. I wish that drug prevention education was a mandatory part of the curriculum at schools everywhere. They way I see it if i was informed and educated about the dangers of drug use when I was younger it may have helped me refrain from experimentation and eventual addiction later on in life. Going through school I did the D.A.R.E. program but the only message that I got from that was that drugs are bad. It didn’t really educate me as to why they are bad or how they affected my mind and body. If I had been better informed about the dangers of drug use it may have made an incredible difference. I think that educators, parents, and school administrators should really be pushing for drug prevention education in their schools. I believe that an education about the prevention of drug use is just as important as the core competencies of english, mathematics, history, etc. In today’s world drug use is rampant and glorified and it is no wonder that there is so much experimentation and abuse. As a society we really need to look at the children of our society and educate in a responsible and effective way because they are our future. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start for paving the way in drug prevention education.

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