More than Just Addiction Recovery

The time a client spends at the Lonestar Victory Ranch drug rehab will change their life in more ways than they can imagine. While it is expected that when you enroll into a drug rehab you will stop using drugs, get clean and sober and leave feeling better than when you started your program; graduates of the Narconon Fresh Start Program at the Lonestar Victory Ranch rehab find they become more than just recovering addicts, they become students.

Program participants of the Lonestar Victory Ranch facility are not considered “clients”, they are students learning the valuable life lessons they need to maintain their sobriety when they graduate from the program. There are many life skills courses students work through during their time in the program: The Learning Improvement Course, The Communications and Perceptions Course, The Ups and Downs in Life Course, The Personal Values and Integrity Course, The Changing Conditions in Life Course and The Way to Happiness Course.

When each course has been completed successfully the student preforms a final program review. This step includes a comprehensive review of all the material they have learned and ensures that they have a thorough working knowledge of all phases of the program. They will then create a life plan spelling out their personal goals for the future. This life plan will be agreed upon by the student and their case supervisor to make sure it has the maximum potential for their success.

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