Thanks for Saving My Life

Coming into treatment, I was clueless as to what I should expect. After meeting Bernie for 10 minutes, I still had no clue what to expect, what I just met was crazy, or should I say one of a kind; either way six days later here I sit feeling better than I have in years. Who do I have to thank for that besides my family and myself? You guessed it, that crazy man that I contemplated running from at the airport. It wasn’t only Bernie; I also must give a great deal of gratitude and love to the rest of the characters who live in and work for the sober detox house on Huntington Beach. Roger, V, Tracey, Jon, Jason, Abby and Joe all helped steadily push me to my limit while not ever pushing me over the edge. I should probably mention that they are all nuts (probably the real reason why I felt so at home over the past week or so). I would like to thank all you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you put into me and support you have given me. Words cannot begin to describe the thanks I have to all of you for helping to save my life! I’m a big believer in karma, that’s why I know you have all good and positive things coming your way. Best regards and much love!
E. L.

The employees of the Narconon Fresh Start programs become more than just staff members to the clients they work with, they become friends too. They have the utmost respect and appreciation for each and every individual who comes through their program and can relate to them on a personal level. While for many of the staff at the Narconon Fresh Start programs it has been a long time, they still remember what addiction, withdrawal and recovery feels like because they have been through it themselves. The process of drug withdrawal is often very difficult yet with such caring and skilled staff members clients in the program are able to achieve a drug-free withdrawal and progress through the rest of their rehab program feeling cleaner and brighter than they have in a long time.

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