Sunshine Summit Lodge is a great place for a Fresh Start

The Narconon Fresh Start program at Sunshine Summit Lodge is the best place to start for anyone who is looking to change their lives.  The Narconon Fresh Start program itself is amazing.  It helped me deal with so many underlying issues that plagued me and caused me to continue my destructive lifestyle.  I was never able to see any of the things that kept me stuck in my addiction, such as my inability to deal with life on life’s terms, my lack of communication with my family and loved ones, my tumultuous past with certain individuals in my life, and my pessimistic outlook on life.  The reasons behind my drug use seemed rather apparent and obvious once I confronted them but while I was drugging myself I absolutely couldn’t see them.  The program and the staff running the program really helped me deal with everything in a positive and constructive way.  Not to mention, the Sunshine Summit Lodeg location was absolutely amazing. It is set up in the quaint hills outside of San Diego and is set away from the busy distractions that are associated with cities.  I was able to focus on myself and my program in a serene setting.  It was also really cool because they have a weight set there and I was able to get in shape and focus my energies on bettering my body and my mind.  The staff at Sunshine Summit Lodge are awesome and they are so helpful.  I would highly recommend the Narconon Fresh Start program at Sunshine Summit Lodge.  It is a beautiful place and a beautiful program.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Summit Lodge is a great place for a Fresh Start”

  1. Sunshine Summit Lodge is the best place to get a new start, in fact it is the only place that I know of that is equipped to truly address chemical dependency and put a stop to it. I had been looking for answers and solutions to my alcohol problem for years. I always tried to handle it myself and deal with life on life’s terms but it never really came easy to me. I was always caught short and wound up empty-handed. I tried to convince myself that I could deal with my alcohol problem myself and that I didn’t need help, I believed I just needed to reel it in and get in control of it. But simply put there is no controlling a beast like alcoholism. It ate me alive and chewed up and destroyed everything that I held valuable. But I was able regain control of my life and I was able to do it without the assistance of alcohol. I got my new start on life after going through the program at Sunshine Summit Lodge. I had the opportunity to address my problems and deal with them and the surprising thing was that all of my problems started and ended with my own irresponsibility and my own lack of confront on life. Once I was able to address those problems everything seemed to make sense and it became clearer. I honestly got a fresh start on life after doing the program and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

  2. You say it how it really is bigblue2539. The Narconon Fresh Start program is a unique treatment program and is definitely the best their is today. The techniques they use are a much needed alternative to the 12 Step and other methods that are available these days. I believe that the other programs don’t really address the drug problems that people have. For me they are the equivalent of a band-aid on a compound fracture – the ailment is much bigger than the attempt to remedy it. I have been through a plethora of other drug treatment programs and none of them were as helpful or carried the longevity of sobriety as the Narconon program did. I was at my wits end before I went to Sunshine Summit Lodge and I honestly believed that I was going to die due to my addiction. Fortunately I was mistaken and I was indeed able to get my life together and moving in a much better direction. The Fresh Start program and the Sunshine Summit Lodge staff is definitely the best at what they do.

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