I am a Success Because of Narconon Fresh Start

My first success story was choosing Narconon for treatment. I did it on the basis of their success rate only. After being here I have learned about why this place is successful and it has given me confidence that it will work for me. So my 1st success is my confidence I have gained in this program. Second, I have withdrawn completely from alcohol and more importantly feel mentally stable and ready for treatment. I have met some nice people who believe in this program and that has helped. Lastly, I have been in so long that it has kept away and made me realize my alcoholism, I am grateful to be here.
B. B.

Our clients routinely come into the Narconon Fresh Start program skeptical about our ability to really make a difference in their lives. Many of our program participants have attended other drug rehab centers and have been unable to achieve lasting sobriety. The addiction recovery program that we provide is the most comprehensive treatment method available (i.e. our three part withdrawal process, total body purification using the New Life Detoxification Program and life skills courses).

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