My Survival Depends on my Staying Sober

I feel relief after writing my o/w’s on dynamic #1. I realize that using alcohol has sever and a harmful effect on my survival. I’ve been to the hospital because of it. I could have killed myself in a vehicle because of it. My survival depends on my staying sober.
R. H.

While working through the Narconon Fresh Start program clients begin to recognize the many self-destructive and harmful actions they participated in before they stopped using drugs and alcohol. Often this process can be difficult for the program participant to confront and process through but it is a necessary step in their recovery process. By being able to acknowledge, confront and work through their resulting feelings they will not have to struggle with the same issues when they leave treatment. This process helps them to make amends with the people in their past who deserve acknowledgement for the recovering persons past transgressions. Completing this part of the program also helps to prevent future relapse because the recovered person has already addressed these negative feelings and worked through them. They will not be weighted down by them and made to feel as though they are still stuck in their old ways.

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