Narconon Fresh Start is the most Comprehensive Program Available

“The statistic for the Narconon Fresh Start program is very high. That means that over a high number of the people who complete the program will not get back into drugs again. This is a far superior statistic to any other facility in the addiction community that I know of. No other facility that treats addiction has a number like that. And the reason for it is that the Narconon Fresh Start program is the most comprehensive program that I have seen or found out about. It goes on for several months because it involves detoxification, it involves the sauna purification program and it involves the training in life; how to handle life. Which most programs do not offer, and none offer in this way. This is complete. There are books to study, things to learn, there is testing that is done and the person learns how to communicate. Learns how to see what is good in life, what is bad in life, how do I avoid a situation that will lead me down the wrong path? How to communicate with others. How to get along with their families. How to get along with people they don’t usually get along with; and the person gets the tools. They arrive at a level which they may never have had before. And it’s a level they need to be able to function in the outside world with their relatives, with their family, with their boss, without feeling that they need to resort to drugs and that’s a fantastic victory.”
Dr. Allan Sosin
Board-certified in Internal Medicine & Nephrology

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