Sunshine Summit Lodge gave me a new perspective on life

Sometimes there are things that happen in life that really test individuals and have the possibility of pushing them over the edge.  I have dealt with so many different things and I continue to deal with a variety of things.  The difference today is that I am clean and sober and I have my wits about me.  Before when I was faced with difficult situations I would collapse under pressure and turn to my crutch, methamphetamine, and regardless of anything else chaos would always follow.  The way I used to live and deal with life was undesirable to say the least.  I hated it and I hated myself.  But today is a much different story.  I can deal with life in a much more conducive way and I don’t allow myself to break under pressure.  It wasn’t an easy process to fix myself and the way I dealt with life but it was achievable and I feel that I have definitely attained a much better quality of life.  I was able to pull it together and mend my life because of the Narconon Fresh Start program.  It was an arduous process but it was well worth it.  I thank Narconon and Sunshine Summit Lodge everyday for what I have today because I would be lost otherwise.

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