What a Difference the Fort Collins New Life Center Can Make

When an addicted person enters the Fort Collins New life Center they are struggling with much more than just their substance abuse. Often times there has been a traumatic event that has taken place in their recent past that has pushed them into seeking treatment for their addiction problem. Their life is filled with chaos and it may seem as though everything is coming down all around them.

A person just enrolling into the Fort Collins New Life Center may be depressed, disoriented and malnourished. Many times their speech is affected because of their substance abuse causing them to speak slower and more quietly than they normally would. Drug addicts and alcoholics are often in poor health and may even have sicknesses brought on by their substance use that they are unaware of or have been avoiding acknowledging.

Once enrolled in the Fort Collins New Life Center the program participant goes through a thorough screening process. They are asked about their drug and alcohol history, a comprehensive medical exam is conducted and they are asked about their personal history (family, friends, etc.). This gives the staff a complete picture of the program participant and what is necessary for them to make a full recovery physically and emotionally.

Next, the staff and medical professionals work-out the best withdrawal process for the client. Total drug withdrawal requires three stages of detoxification to prevent future relapse. First, drug assisted withdrawal (if necessary); second, drug-free withdrawal; and third, total body purification using the New Life Detoxification Program. These three drug withdrawal processes are what truly prepare the Fort Collins New Life Center program participant to be able to take in all that the educational portion of the program has to offer.

The courses at the Fort Collins New Life Center are training for real life and take several months to complete. Recovering persons are taught how to handle life effectively without turning to drugs or alcohol. They work through their program in classroom-type setting where they learn, study and are tested on the key points they are being taught. Clients are referred to as students here because they are learning the invaluable life skills they need to become the successful, purpose driven individual they were always intended to be before drugs or alcohol took control of their life.

Graduates of the Fort Collins New Life Center take responsibility for their actions, their choices and the person they are today. They are no longer addicts and find that they have the power to make the changes necessary in their life to get back on track. When a student completes the program they leave with a life plan including short-term and long-term goals to be accomplished. Using the skills and techniques they have learned in drug rehab they will be able to live a life filled with integrity and continued success long after they leave treatment.

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