Control Over My Sobriety

I have had lots of wins from objectives! This has given me a good piece of the puzzle that I was missing to unlock full control and sobriety in my life. Thank you!
V. B.

Narconon Fresh Start is long-term drug rehab program set in residential locations offering the most effective treatment methods available. We are not based on the 12-step model and do not believe that addiction is a “disease” one must learn to cope with for the remainder of their life. Here are Narconon Fresh Start we help our clients fully recover from their addiction problem and the underlying issues that drove them to use. When our clients graduate from our program they no longer refer to themselves as “addicts” or “alcoholics” because they have fully beat their addiction problem. Graduates of Narconon Fresh Start do not attend meetings, do not take drug replacement medication, and do not have to worry about relapse with each passing day.

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