Rainbow Canyon Retreat Puts an End to Addiction

Using the Narconon Fresh Start method of addiction rehabilitation, Rainbow Canyon Retreat is able to put an end to your addiction problems once and for all. Our drug rehab program is considered to be the single most effective drug and alcohol treatment method available. We have a success rate of high success rate; meaning that over large number of our graduates will not return to a life of drugs or alcohol. Our exceptional success rate is far superior to other programs in the United States. This is because we know how to get our clients off drugs and alcohol and teach them the necessary skills to make positive choices that continue their lasting sobriety.

Once enrolled in our program we will conduct a complete personal history and physical exam. This provides us with a full overview of your specific needs and helps us create a withdrawal program that best suites you. Depending on the substances that you are addicted to and the length of time you have been using them we will create a personal withdrawal program. Some of our clients need to attend a medically assisted detox program before starting the drug-free withdrawal process at our facility. These clients will receive the best care while undergoing their medically assisted detox and then return to Rainbow Canyon Retreat to proceed with the drug-free withdrawal portion of our program.

When your withdrawal portion of the program is complete you will then begin the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This portion of our program works to rid your body of any remaining toxins or drug metabolites left behind by years of substance abuse. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is so effective that it is considered the cornerstone of our entire rehabilitation process. Once the drug toxins and metabolites have been flushed out of your system you will no longer experience any physical drug cravings and compulsions to use; one of the main reasons why people relapse once they leave treatment.

The remainder of our client’s time here at Rainbow Canyon Retreat is spent learning. Our program participants learn how to handle life without resorting to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism. We have an educational series of courses that our client’s learn from, study and are tested on to ensure they get the most out of each course. When they have successfully completed each course they will participate in a final program review. This is where they will review the central points of each course and create a life plan for after they graduate.

Working closely with their personal case supervisor, they will develop a detailed written plan for when they graduate from treatment. It will include short and long term goals for them to work on accomplishing in the months and years ahead after they return home. This gives our graduates a sense of purpose when they leave knowing they have specific goals they want and need to accomplish in order to feel continued success. Graduates from our program remain sober because they have gone through one of the most thorough rehabilitation programs available. They have been properly withdrawn from the substances they were addicted too, fully detoxified and cleansed of all remaining toxins and drug metabolites and taught the necessary life skills to make positive and life affirming choices when they return home.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Canyon Retreat Puts an End to Addiction”

  1. I too have been sober for many years now thanks to the Narconon Fresh Start program and Rainbow Canyon Retreat. The program help me set long and short term goals that I would go over with a supervisor, to see if they were realistic and attainable. Getting of drugs can feel like a daunting task when you are an addict but the staff at Rainbow Canyon Retreat really help guide you through the process and encourage you along the way. Most of them were at one time addicts and now help other people get off drugs, Which was reassuring to me to see other people being successful in life after overcoming their addictions.

  2. Thanks to this program, my addiction to drugs has been non existing for 1 year, and 4 months now. I am also confident in saying that for a long time from now, I will be free from addiction. This is because the life that I have now, thanks to this program, is much better and in no way do I feel like returning to my past life choices of drug abuse.

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