Recovering From Addiction without Drug Substitution Therapy

Here at Sunshine Summit Lodge we help our clients recover from their addictions without using any drug substitution therapy or drug replacement treatments. We know that to truly rehabilitate from your addiction problems you don’t need to take more substances. This only prolongs your addiction recovery process and gives you one more crutch to lean on when trying to get off drugs or alcohol once and for all.

Our withdrawal and detoxification process takes place in three stages. This process fully detoxifies and purifies our clients in a way no other rehab programs are able to offer. The first step is medically assisted withdrawal for those clients who require this process. Because alcohol and some drugs are so physically addictive they create severe life-threatening withdrawal symptoms if abruptly discontinued medically assisted withdrawal is necessary. This is why we utilize medically assisted withdrawal centers to help our clients through this initial withdrawal process if it is deemed medically necessary.

Next we employ our drug-free withdrawal techniques. These holistic withdrawal technique help our clients come off the substances they have been abusing without having to take any other medications. We use a series of nutritional supplements containing necessary vitamins and minerals recovering addicts need due to their nutritional depletion. There are physical therapy techniques we use as well to help calm the program participant’s nervous system and bring them back into the present moment.

When all symptoms of withdrawal have left the client is ready to begin the Narconon New Life Detoxification program at Sunshine Summit Lodge. To truly detoxify from drugs and alcohol the recovering person needs to flush out any remaining toxins left behind by their substance abuse. When a person uses drugs or alcohol toxins and drug metabolites become lodged in their fatty tissues and remain stored there for years and years even after they have stopped using. At times of stress, or really at any point they can become dislodged and circulate through the bloodstream causing drug cravings and compulsions to use again. Our Narconon New Life Detoxification program removes these remaining drug toxins and residuals through a combination of vitamins/minerals, exercise and time spent in a dry sauna. When this portion of our program is complete clients will no longer experience physical drug cravings, urges or compulsions to use.

Read on to see what some of our clients have to say about their experience with our drug-free withdrawal process and the Narconon New Life Detoxification program:

Since I’ve been here I’ve been feeling a lot better being in withdrawal, made me open my eyes a lot more. While I was in withdrawal I enjoyed the scenery, how they treated me, and getting me to be more active.
A. B.

The sauna part of the program helped me a lot more than I thought it would. I feel like I have never put a drug in my body.
S. U.

I’m glad to be doing sauna my body feels great. I feel more active, and I feel like all the toxins are gone. I have no cravings, I don’t even think about drugs anymore. I want to prove to myself, and everyone back home that “I can live a sober life and be happy.” My goal is to complete the Narconon program and apply it to my life when I get home. Thanks for everything Micah!
K. P.

I have been eating and sleeping better than I have been in for years. I couldn’t be happier; I can feel my mind clearing and my memories becoming even clearer. I am extremely happy to be here.
F. G.

I am really enjoying sauna, I am beginning to sleep better and better, my skin feel much better too. Also, Micah is great. He talks great care of his sauna students!
Y. M.

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