Experience the Difference at Fort Collins New Life Center

You may have been through treatment before just to find yourself right back where you started, using daily and wishing you could really, truly quit once and for all. Fort Collins New Life Center is a drug rehab program different than any you have attended before. We know that addiction to drugs or alcohol is not a disease or an illness you must learn to cope with for the rest of your life. You can finally stop using drugs and get your life back without having to go to meetings, take drug replacement medications or live in fear of relapsing again.

The rehabilitation program at Fort Collins New Life center is not a twelve-step based treatment program where we tell you that you are powerless over your addiction. We do no ever label our clients as lifelong addicts or alcoholics because after completing our program they are fully recovered. You do not have an incurable disease causing you to fear a relapse at any given moment. Our program treats drug addiction and alcoholism for what it truly is; a physical and mental problem that has to be overcome with underlying issues that need to be resolved. The recovery process that we use builds you up to make you stronger; it shows you that you are powerful over your addiction, not powerless.

Other programs often fall short of being able to fully rehabilitate their clients. They help them with their first few steps and then send them on their way to finish out their program either at another location or on their own. The Fort Collins New Life Center provides our clients with a complete recovery program from start to finish. Lasting three to four months on average, our clients are able to take all the time they need to really incorporate their newfound knowledge into their daily routine so that it becomes second nature when they return home. Clients take as long as they need to progress through our program; never feeling rushed to complete their program in a set period of time. If you have been through other rehab programs and have not found lasting sobriety it is time to experience the difference here at the Fort Collins New Life Center.

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