Imagine Feeling Completely Clean From Drugs and Alcohol

When a person habitually takes drugs and alcohol it creates changes in their body on a cellular level. The substances they ingest leave drug residuals behind that become trapped in the fatty tissue of their body, even years after they have stopped using. It is very important that these drug metabolites and toxins are removed so that the recovering person no longer experiences drug cravings, depression and other physical/emotional stressors. The process of flushing these accumulated toxins out is thought to be the key to why the Narconon Fresh Start program has one of the highest success rates in the field of addiction recovery.

As noted above, drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamine, crystal meth, crack cocaine, heroin, valium and cocaine (just to list a few) will stay in the recovering person’s body long after they stop taking them. The New Life Detoxification program used by Narconon Fresh Start centers thoroughly removes all remaining toxins and drug metabolites from their client’s body to completely clean and purify their them on a cellular level.

What this highly specialized process is able to accomplish through the use of medically supervised exercise, periods of sweating in a dry sauna and nutritional supplements is the removal of drug cravings, alcohol cravings, feelings of depression and other emotional and physical stressors.

Read on to hear firsthand how the New Life Detoxification program at Narconon Fresh Start centers is making a difference in their client’s lives:

When I arrived here I had a small amount of bacteria on my heart and a heart valve that was leaking blood into rest of my heart. Based on my scan six months ago, my cardiologist said the only possible solution was open heart surgery and valve replacement. Based on a scan after two months of being here my Dr. said the bacteria had all went away and the heart valve must have healed on its own to become a very minor non-problematic leak. My Dr. said that in his twenty years as a cardiologist he has never seen a valve repair itself. Whether it was a sauna, vitamins, being clean, exercising or all of these together; coming here saved my life.
K. M.

I feel a lot better after completing the sauna portion of the program. I am sleeping a lot better and laughing a lot more. I feel brighter and healthier. I am ready to start the next portion of the program.
E. S.

I am so thankful to have come to this program. Sauna has changed my life and completely rejuvenated me. I feel so healthy and happy again. I sleep eight hours a night. I eat well; overall I am completely cleared minded and happy again. I feel like a new person and feel like I have a new body again. I am ready to move on with my program and take these feelings into the future. I feel like I have reached my peak in sauna, what a great feeling.
B. D.

Sauna has treated my body and mind simply amazing. I feel like my body has been reborn and my mind is rejuvenated and clear. I feel simply amazing. I have not felt this good in many years.
R. D.

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