It Feels Good to Be Successful

Today has been pretty dog gone well! In addition to completing my book 3, I also got a lot of good effects from being able to help my fellow student get through parts of her book 1. It reminded me of when I was there a month ago, and how another student helped me out!  It feels good to be successful enough in my program to help others be just as successful!
C. N.

The Narconon Fresh Start program builds up our client’s sense of self, purpose and integrity. As they progress through their course work they receive help from other students in the program who have successfully completed the same material. This process builds life skills such as working well with others and effective communication techniques. Throughout their program students learn, practice and are tested on the information they have studied. Each student in the Narconon Fresh Start program works closely with their personal case supervisor to ensure they have learned the key points from each course.     

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